Boot Cuffs Knitting Patterns

25 Free Boot Cuffs Knitting Patterns

We’re back today to bring you another hand-picked collection of free knitting patterns for you to enjoy and work on! When we were thinking about what free pattern to feature this week, we thought it would be a good idea to showcase boot cuffs knitting patterns. Why? Well it is a great project to get started with, especially if you are a beginner knitter. Plus, there are various easy knitting patterns available which will allow you to create the most gorgeous (and stylish!) pair of boot cuffs.

But why boot cuffs? These little items are make a great winter accessory! You can knit them up for personal use, but they also make great gifts; plus they make the perfect little project to use up any extra yarn stash or leftover yarn you may have lying around the house – because they do not require as much yarn, as other larger knitting projects. This is why we’ve decided today to share our favourite patterns available, for boot cuffs (or boot toppers, whichever way you prefer to call them!). So if you want to add a touch of style and pizzazz to your outfits and the way you wear your boots, check out these lovely patterns.

Below we have gathered up a collection of what we think, are our most favourite free knit boot cuff patterns. In this list you will find a variety of patterns, no matter your skill level you will find something ideal for you, as we have listed patterns for beginners, intermediate and expert knitters. Furthermore, you will find different styles of course that will show you the different fabulous ways you can style up your favourite boots!

25 Boot Cuffs Knitting Patterns – The List

The list below includes 25 of our favorite patterns of different designs, including many which make great projects for beginner knitters. Simply click on the various links below to access the different patterns. Let us know which ones you have tried and how they have turned out! Remember to share photos of your completed knitting projects wish us on our Facebook page.

1. Beginner Boot Cuffs

As the name states, this pattern by Alicia Kellum of Wake & Whimsy, is ideal for new knitters; it provides an easy way to get started creating simple boot cuffs, they are still stylish and will be perfect to wear in the cold weather.

2. Warm Ribbed Boot Cuffs

Boot Cuffs Knitting Patterns
An easy rib knit pattern, which will create the most stylish cuffs to top any pair of boots.

3. Knit Boot Cuffs

A pattern by Penelope Rae that uses no. 8-5.00mm yarn needles.

4. The Hurricane Boot Cuffs

This pattern was first published in Knit Grit by Codi Leigh Hudnall and uses worsted weight yarn.

5. Ruffles-To-Knit Boot Toppers

Ruffles Knit Boot Toppers

This pair will definitely add some style and flair to your boots.

6. Seed Stitch and Cabled Boot Cuffs

This is a lovely cable pattern, by Lexie of Plum Elephant, that is worked up in a seed stitch.

7. Cabled Heart Boot Cuff

A pattern by Lion Brand, that is worked with medium weight yarn and is an easy one to knit up.

8. Reversible Two-Tone Boot Cuffs

unique pattern by Jamie of Everyday Art, because these cuffs are reversible (!), giving you two ways to style the top of your boots.

9. SimpliStylish Boot Cuffs

This lovely pattern by Skacel Knitting uses two different color yarns.

10. Basket Weave Knit Boot Cuff

A pattern by Amanda, of Love, Life, Yarn which uses a simple basket weave pattern.

11. Stockinette Cable Boot Cuffs

By Homespun Living, these are created using he stockinette stitch.

12. Stitch Mountain Boot Cuffs

A pattern by Jimmy Beans Wool, which will look great on shorter boots, as well as tall boots.

13. Crested Boot Cuff

This is a beautiful simply pattern, that is easy to knit up, created by Heather Fontenot.

14. Audra Boot Cuffs

These have lovely little detail at the top of the cuff! Designed by Lilly Cady.

15. Baa Baa Boot Cuffs

One of our very favourites, these cute boot cuffs were designed by Betsey Reed.

16. UGG HUG Boot Toppers

An original pattern of boot cuffs by Alexandra Davidoff, perfect to knit with bulky yarn.

17. 2-in-1 Boot Cuffs With Buttons and Lace

As pattern by Mari-Liis Hirv, these are unique! It includes a lace pattern to create a 2-in-1 gorgeous style.

18. Cozy Cable Booth Topper

An easy knit boot cuffs pattern, with a super cute faux button detail, designed by Biscotte Yarns.

19. Quick and Easy Knitted Boot Cuffs

An easy pattern by Joan De Lurio, which requires only one ball of yarn to make!

20. Helmikuu Boot Toppers

A pattern by Sunshine Ravioli Knits, which is made available in two versions – one for experienced knitters, and another as a step by step tutorial version.

21. 2 Needle Boot Toppers

A knit boot cuffs’ pattern which can be made with worsted weight or Aran yarn.

22. Breckenridge Boot Toppers

Cable design pattern by Ryan Page Haas, which is ideal for high boots.

23. Funky Boot Cuffs

As the name suggests, if you want something different and unique, this is it! This pattern is by by Sharon Cowan.

24. Sidekicks

Knitting boot cuffs by Melisa McCurley, which can easily be customised to your tastes.

25. Reversible Brioche Boot Cuffs

This style will make the perfect little addition to your collection! Designed by Oak Designs MI.

Please note: Each link points you to the page where you can access the free knitting pattern; all these have been checked so as to ensure they are totally free of charge at the time of publishing. Some websites might require that you register with them before being able to access the pattern, but this is also free.

Bonus: Video Tutorials to Help You Knit Boot Cuffs (Knitting Patterns Also Included)

If you’re more of a visual learner, or prefer to watch knitting videos to knit-a-long and learn, then we have hand picked for you some of our favourite free videos available, which will help you create stylish boot cuffs.

The first video is by Craftsy and knitting instructor Stefanie Japel show you how to knit basic (yet great looking) boot cuffs in one hour! So if you’re looking for a quick project, this is it. Watch the video below:

If you are an absolute beginner, then you will love the video tutorial below. In fact this is not simply a tutorial, for a full step by step course from knitting expert Maryna Shevchenko from 10 Rows a Day, who demonstrates how to knit a pair of Santa Boot Cuffs. The pattern required to follow this video is available here.

Interested in Other Knitting Patterns?

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We hope this post was a great inspiration to you, and helped you find the perfect free boot cuff knitting pattern! So no it’s time to take our those knitting needles and get to knitting. You will have this new project done in a couple of hours for sure. Happy knitting!

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