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21 Free Boot Cuff Knitting Patterns

We’re back today to bring you another hand-picked collection of free knitting patterns for you to enjoy and work on!

Although Spring is just literally around the corner… we’re still feeling chilly and long for that cosy and snug feeling, which is why we’ve decided today to share our favorite patterns available, for boot cuffs (or boot toppers, whichever way you prefer to call them!). So if you want to add a touch of style and pizzazz to your outfits and the way you wear your boots, check out these lovely patterns. The list below includes 21 patterns of different designs, including many which make great projects for beginner knitters.

Before diving into the lift, and especially if you’re new to Knitting Women, let’s take a quick look a the free patterns posts we have shared with you in the past months: 33 Baby Blankets, 50 Baby Booties, 30 Chunky Blankets and Afghans, 27 Cushion Covers, 20 Tea Cosies, 35 Items for Premature Babies, 6 Patterns for Breast Hats, 60+ Scarf Patterns, 24 Mug Coasters, 27 Washcloths (and some dishcloths too!), 23 Baby Hats, 45+ Baby Cardigans, 40+ Gloves40 Beginner Patterns” and 18 Leg Warmers.

Click on the various links below to access the different patterns. Let us know which ones you have tried and how they have turned out! Remember to share photos of your completed knitting projects wish us on our Facebook page.

  1. Crisp Boot Cuffs (Taiga Hilliard Designs)
  2. Color Block Boot Cuffs (Alice Humbracht Design)
  3. Cobblestone Boot Cuffs (Taiga Hilliard Designs)
  4. Lane Boot Cuffs (Taiga Hilliard Designs)
  5. Thermal Boot Cuffs
  6. Beginner Boot Cuffs
  7. Warm Ribbed Boot Cuffs
  8. Knit Boot Cuffs
  9. The Hurricane Boot Cuffs
  10. Seed Stitch and Cabled Boot Cuffs
  11. Simple Cable Rib Boot Cuffs
  12. Reversible Two-Tone Boot Cuffs
  13. SimpliStylish Boot Cuffs
  14. Twisted Cable Boot Cuffs
  15. Cabled Boot Cuffs
  16. Stitch Mountain Boot Cuffs
  17. Baa Baa Boot Cuffs
  18. Rain Love Boot Cuffs
  19. 2-in-1 Boot Cuffs With Buttons and Lace
  20. Quick and Easy Knitted Boot Cuffs
  21. Funky Boot Cuffs

Please note: Each link points you to the page where you can access the free knitting pattern; all these have been checked so as to ensure they are totally free of charge at the time of publishing. Some websites might require that you register with them before being able to access the pattern, but this is also free.

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