23 Free Knitting Patterns for Baby Hats & Beanies

Today we’re back sharing some of our very favourite free knitting patterns. Besides helping you improve in your skills, I always strive to bring you (and show you where to find) the best knitting patterns to inspire you next projects. Today I have hand selected some of the cutest baby beanies and baby hat patterns out there. Before I share these, let me remind you of the past free pattern posts available on the website…

Here is a quick round-up of what you have missed and where you can find everything: 33 Baby Blankets, 50 Baby Booties, 30 Chunky Blankets and Afghans, 27 Cushion Covers, 20 Tea Cosies, 35 Items for Premature Babies, 6 Patterns for Breast Hats, 60+ Scarf Patterns, 24 Mug Coasters and 27 Washcloths (and some dishcloths too!).

As I hinted in the intro, today’s theme is baby beanies! I think everyone just love knitting for babies because these projects tend to be the cutest and most adorable of creations. Besides you will always put these completed projects to good use; if you don’t know of any friends or family with little ones, these beanies and hats can always be donated to hospitals, charities and such, which are always in great need.

So whether you’re expecting a little bundle of job yourself, know someone who is, or are just looking for something extra special and cute to create, below you will definitely find some inspiration.

Click on the various links below to access the different patterns. Let us know which ones you have tried and how they have turned out! Remember to share photos of your completed knitting projects wish us on our Facebook page.

  1. Coral Cutie Hat (& Booties)
  2. Baby Amanda Hat
  3. Little Rosebud
  4. Old Shale Baby Beanie
  5. Baby Bubbles Knit Hat
  6. CLICK Cabled Baby Beanie
  7. Double Chevron Beanie
  8. Baby Bear Hat
  9. Baby Tart
  10. Tomato Baby Beanie
  11. Pixie Baby Hat
  12. Striped Baby Beanie
  13. Preemie Baby Hats
  14. Cable Baby Beanie
  15. Bunny Beanie
  16. Perfect Unisex Baby Beanie Hat
  17. Emli Bonnet
  18. Baby Cables and Buttons
  19. Baby Blocks Hat (and Blanket Set)
  20. Baby Kendyl Cap
  21. Miss Dashwood
  22. Baby Hat with Leaf Edging
  23. Prim Rose Bonnet

Please note: Each link points you to the page where you can access the free knitting pattern; all these have been checked so as to ensure they are totally free of charge at the time of publishing. Some websites might require that you register with them before being able to access the pattern, but this is also free.

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    1. Yes, simply click on the link of the pattern you are interested in and follow the instructions to download the pattern.

    1. Yes, simply click on the link of the pattern you are interested in and follow the instructions to download the pattern.

    1. Hi Dolly, To download the patterns simply click on the link and follow the instructions. You will download a PDF document which you can print off. Hope this helps!

  1. Could I have the pattern for the beanie and blanket set in the the photo please. I think it is number 19 on the list.

    Thank you

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