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35+ Free Knitting Patterns For Preemie Babies

Last Updated: 22nd November, 2020

It’s Thursday! Which means today we have more wonderful, and more importantly free, knitting patterns to share with you.

If you’ve missed out on the pattern posts we shared recently here at, here’s a quick roundup of what is available for you to enjoy so far: 33 Baby Blankets, 50 Baby Booties, 30 Chunky Blankets and Afghans, 27 Cushion Covers and 20 Tea Cosies.

Today we have a collection of knitting patterns which are essential for some new mothers: patterns for items and clothes to use for premature babies. An expectant mother never imagines the eventuality that her baby will be born pre-term, and oftentimes new mothers are caught unexpected with no clothes or accessories for their babies. Preemie clothes are also sometimes hard to come by, so these knitting patterns will come in very handy! These can be knitted and donated to hospitals and charities to help new mothers in the future. These are precious patterns, for precious babies!

Enjoy these patterns, and happy knitting!

  1. Bernat Preemie Garter Stitch Set
  2. Preemie Baby Hats
  3. Bernat King/Queen Baby Hats
  4. Bernat Half & Half Preemie Baby Blanket
  5. Caron Wee Knit Cap
  6. Caron Mini Garter Stitch Cap
  7. Puerperium Cardigan
  8. Premature Baby Bootees
  9. Premature Baby’s Cardigan, Hat and Bootees
  10. Queen of Hearts Preemie/Newborn Hat
  11. Double Knit V-neck Raglan Premature Baby Cardigan
  12. Warm Clouds Preemie Newborn Afghan Pattern
  13. Preemie Hats
  14. Patriotic Preemie Layette
  15. Knit Preemie Hat
  16. Premature Baby Cardigan, Hat and Bootees Set
  17. Preemie Knit Hat with Ears
  18. Brick Patterned Suit for Premature Babies
  19. So Soft Preemie Hat Pattern
  20. Sleeping Bag for Premature Baby
  21. Sweaters and Leggings for Premature Babies
  22. Preemie Cardigan
  23. Hoodie & Pant Set
  24. Ribbon Edged Preemie Blanket
  25. Raglan Sweater and Cap
  26. Premature/Low Birth Weight Baby Body Warmer (for N.I.C.U. use)
  27. Patriotic Preemie Layette (2)
  28. Baby Bowties Preemie Hat
  29. Bootie Pattern
  30. Preemie Twinkle Hat
  31. Premature Baby Set
  32. Sweater, Bonnet and Diaper Cover
  33. Lace Edged Preemie Hat
  34. Preemie Hats
  35. Premature Baby Set
  36. Little Miracle – Premature Cardigan
  37. Heather Premature Baby Jacket
  38. Angled Rib Preemie Hat
  39. Preemie With A Twist Blanket
  40. Honeycomb Preemie Hat and Booties
  41. Josie Tiny Booties
  42. Premie Baby Kimono
  43. Top Down Diamonds Preemie Hat
  44. Multi-Color Ripple Sweater
  45. Scalloped Dress and Bonnet
  46. Preemie Knit Sweater

Please note: Each link points you to the page where you can access the free knitting pattern; again all these have been checked so as to ensure they are totally free of charge at the time of publishing. Some websites might require that you register with them before being able to access the pattern, but this is also free.

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  2. I have knitted about 8 prem baby hats, do you have a list of hospitals which would like them, my usual outlet has closed down.
    Many thanks

  3. After knitting lots of premature baby hats, I have been asked to knit mittens, I can only find one 4ply pattern but would like a double knitting pattern, can anyone help me please, many thanks

  4. I am a governor at our local hospital and have been knitting baby hats and cardigans for the nnu. Have you any patterns that I can purchase as I have done so many of the same pattern that I feel the babies not look individual with hats and cardigans all the same design.
    Thank you
    Patricia Price.

  5. thank you for the free patterns I am knitting for my local hospital an was looking for some more patterns to make a change

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  7. Hi everyone, I would like some help!!! I am an amputee and confined to a wheelchair. I lost my leg two years ago which has changed my life. But I am as independent as this will allow, the problem is I get bored but after giving it much thought have decided to knit cardigans and other things for the premature baby unit at my local hospital. When my own children were small (many years ago, hehe) I knitted almost all the clothes babies and children needed. So the help I need is if anyone has patterns, needles and any baby wool they can spare or have left over from your own projects I would be very grateful. Thank you A.T.a

    • Hello Ann,
      l knit and crochet for a group on Facebook called Needles & Hooks Angels & Preemies, it’s a wonderful group of people, we don’t just do things for babies though, we also do stuff for Soldiers Off The Streets and various other causes, like dementia patients and children s homes.
      If you’d be interested and have a Facebook page please feel free to find me and friend me, l can then get you into the group……
      Much admiration for your persistence, hope to hear from you soon.
      karen xxx

  8. I am from Nairobi, Kenya and am interested in Knitting, these days we buy everything second hand things from baby’s socks to our own sweeter how can you help me. Start knitting. Thank you. Jane

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  12. Please help i knitted a cardigan with hood but decided i want to add a collar to my finished article instead of hood could anyone tell me how i would do this or have a simple pattern for a collar to add to the cardigan Thank you

  13. Sadly, I am unable to get into the site for the sock pattern ‘Josie tiny socks’. I again knit for premature babies and the little sock pattern is so different. If anyone has any idea how I can obtain this pattern please email me – many thanks, Barbie

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  22. Just came across this site when searching for angel baby knitting patterns. There are so many that I can convert into a smaller size for babies who are born asleep. Thank you so much for a lovely, comprehensive and easy to use website. The links work too!

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    • Some of the patterns are made available in PDF format. Normally all computers, smartphones or tablets have a built-in application that you can use to view these documents. Otherwise you can download a free PDF reader app like Adobe PDF Reader.

    • Yes it totally is! Simply click on the link for the pattern you wish to knit, and print the pattern on the page that appears next. Hope that helps.

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