How to Knit a Market Bag

How to Knit a Market Bag

Market bags are more functional than elegant, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun and interesting to knit. You can make your own reusable market bags. They’re great for the environment. How painless, when the alternative to plastic bags is simply an opportunity for beauty. Our Knit Market Bag will make you wonder what … Read more

How to Knit the Novel-T Sweater

Get ready for warmer weather with this breezy knit T-shirt. Work it up using Laura Nelkin’s unique Novus construction and a chevron lace stitch side panel. And, thanks to the included modification instructions, it’s sure to fit you to a Novel-T! Novel-T is a sweet summer sweater knit with unique side-to-side Novus construction! It is … Read more

7 Household Tools for Knitting

One only needs three simple things to knit: needles, a ball of yarn, and a pair of scissors. So minimalist! Of course, there are a few little “extras” that can make knitting a lot easier and spark more joy. They can also help you master a new technique or create a next-level project that’s unlike any other … Read more

How to Knit a Mitten Pot Holder

A kitchen isn’t complete without pot holders and oven gloves, as they are essential to safety. It conforms easily to pot handles when you grab them, leaving heavy hot items feeling secure in your grasp. The trend in pot holders and oven mitts alike has been toward higher-tech materials and novel designs in recent years, … Read more

How to Knit a Minimalist Jacket

Jackets are a fashion savior. A jacket can top a simple tee or an elegant dress. This easy to make jacket can be knit in colors of your choice to keep you stylish and warm. Choose the size you want to knit this minimalist jacket and if you are ready to make one for yourself … Read more