How to Knit the Novel-T Sweater

Get ready for warmer weather with this breezy knit T-shirt. Work it up using Laura Nelkin’s unique Novus construction and a chevron lace stitch side panel. And, thanks to the included modification instructions, it’s sure to fit you to a Novel-T!

Novel-T is a sweet summer sweater knit with unique side-to-side Novus construction! It is the short sleeve version of Novel-Long (with a slightly less intricate lace stitch)!

Novel-T has a simple Chevron stitch going up the sleeve and across the shoulder with the same Chevron stitch at the side panels.

One would adore the flattering subtle V-neck which is easily modified if you are more of a boat-neck lover! A turned hem and split side seam allow for a tailored finish, and also for some flexibility in the fit of the hips!

This free pattern is modifiable according to your shape and length of the sleeves. You can always go ahead and stitch up a few more repeats on each sleeve, as per your comfort length. Modification is one advantage of stitching your own garments!

Novel-T Knitting Kit

  • Uses Laura Nelkin’s simple, seamless, side-to-side Novus construction!
  • Includes “cheat sheets” for every size which will help you keep on track with the Chevron Lace stitch and neckline shaping

For the Off Our Needles(hyperlink) spring knit along, the grocery girls are using cool cotton cloudborn yarn to knit up the Novel-T by Laura Nelkin.

Let’s talk yarn!

The yarn here is cotton. Yes! Most of us are not familiar with working with cotton yarn but trust me it is a delight. The yarn is strong and it’s impossible to rip it like the wool yarn. You might definitely want to use a pair of scissors to cut off the ends and finishes. 

Soft and supple, cotton yarns are perfect for warm weather tops & accessories that will keep you knitting/crocheting year-round. Cotton yarns are known to be strong, durable, and have excellent water absorption properties with short drying times, which makes them great for all accessories. With excellent stitch definition, cotton yarns are great for colorwork and textured stitches, making this a fiber you don’t want to miss out on!

Please check the Care Instructions below:

  • Do Not Bleach
  • Wash With Cool Water / Delicate wash
  • Do Not Iron
  • Dry Flat / Do Not Tumble Dry

It’s a great gifting idea, for your daughters, granddaughters, relatives and friends. Also mentioning the time spent on knitting a Novel-T sweater is going to be worthwhile.

Spread the word and love through this unique knit project which has an unusually catchy construction. I’m sure there are many out there who are waiting to utilize their free time and what’s better than this? Novel-T Sweater can soothe you with its unique style and cotton fabric. Feel the soft and airy Cloudborn Pima Cotton DK yarn slide smoothly through your fingers while at it.

We would love to read your feedback in the comments below and feel free to add a photo of your finished project.

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