How To Knit a Benefaction Knit Hat (Step By Step Video)

We’re back today, after a short and unexpected hiatus, to bring you a great knitting video tutorial to help you in your knitting journey.

Today we’re showcasing a great video tutorial by KnitPicks, where expert knitter Stacey shows us how to create the Benefaction Knit Hat. This is a lovely project to work on as it creates the most lovely patterned hat which you can knit for yourself, or else as a gift.

In this tutorial, Stacey takes you through all the key steps to knitting your own benefaction hat. So if a step by step guide on video is what you’re looking for, this is ideal for you! Watch the video below.

The pattern required for this project is available for download free, and you can click here to access it.

Knit in the round and then on double pointed needles, with handsome stripes and a snug fit, the Benefaction Knit Hat is flattering to many people. This simple hat works up in a flash and color can be reversed to knit up two complete hats in two skeins of yarn. Use a wool yarn as suggested, or try one in a soft cotton or acrylic!

This video tutorial was created by and features Stacey, one of the knitting experts at I encourage you to visit the website to discover various knitting patterns, kits, yarn and so much more, to help inspire your next knitting project!

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  1. What does “benefaction” mean? And I’ve looked at all the pics and fail to see the pattern in the finished hat, although you say the instructions “…create the most lovely patterned hat”.

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