Beginner’s Guide to Cable Knitting (Video Tutorial)

Would you like to learn how to knit cables? Then you will definitely enjoy and learn from the knitting tutorial we’re showcasing today, which demonstrates how to cable in an easy to follow video.

Today in fact we’re featuring a video tutorial by KnitPicks, where expert knitter Kerin shows us how to cable knit, how to read cable charts, and also goes into the different techniques you can use to create different types of cables in your knitting projects.

So if you have always loved the look of cables, but weren’t sure where to start – this video will show you all the basics to creating cables! Watch the video below.

In this tutorial Kerin goes over how cables are created, what to expect in cable charts, as well as several types of simple cables including traveling stitches, twists, 2 over 2 cables, and an easy yet very impressive staghorn cable!

So grab your needles and get ready to start cabling!

This video tutorial was created by and features Kerin, one of the knitting experts at I encourage you to visit the website to discover various knitting patterns, kits, yarn and so much more, to help inspire your next knitting project!

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