Knitting Class for Beginners: How to Knit a Blanket

If you’re a beginner knitter and are looking for a step by step video tutorial. to help you improve your knitting skills, you’ve come to the right place!

(Although the video tutorial we’re bringing you today will also interest experienced knitter too!)

In fact today we’re showcasing a step-by-step video knitting class, brought to us by the lovely people at KnitPicks, which focuses on how to knit a gorgeous blanket. Watch the video below.

This video features expert knitter Jenny, who clearly shows us all the steps required to complete this gorgeous project. During this class, Jenny covers the following 10 areas:

  • Part 1: Introduction – Jenny introduces you to the steps you’ll take in this class to learn to make your very own Knit Beginner Blanket.
  • Part 2: Materials – Take a look at everything you’ll need to complete your blanket.
  • Part 3: Casting On – Learn how to cast on your stitches.
  • Part 4: The Knit Stitch – Learn how to perform the knit stitch, the basis for all knitting, and get your blanket under way!
  • Part 5: Starting a New Row – Learn how to turn your work and start a new row, so you can continue with your blanket.
  • Part 6: Changing Colors – Learn how to change colors, as you progress your knitting project.
  • Part 7: Binding Off – Learn how to bind off your stitches, as you near the end of making your very own blanket.
  • Part 8: Binding Off Your Last Stitches – Bind off those last few stitches and secure your yarn tail. You’re almost done with your creation!
  • Part 9: Weaving In – Learn how to weave in your yarn tails in the final step of making your blanket.
  • Part 10: You’re Finished! – Review the beautiful blanket you’ve made in this class. You’re done. Congratulations!

The yarn used is Knit Picks Preciosa Tonal Worsted in Anemone, Bare, Blue Skies, and Crest. Furthermore, the needles used are Knit Picks Caspian Interchangeables, Size US 9 on a 60″ cable.

This video tutorial was created by and features Jenny, one of the knitting experts at I encourage you to visit the website to discover various knitting patterns, kits, yarn and so much more, to help inspire your next knitting project!

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