Owl Knit Lovey ( Free Knitting Pattern)

Today we bring to you this Owl Knit Lovey from Yarnspirations with Kristen from Good Knit Kisses!

There are two choices of Knit Lovey, firstly we have the cute Owl Knit Lovey and also Kitty Cat Lovey. They are both so cute and adorable it is a difficult choice!! SO why not knit both of them!!

We will start today by showing you how to knit OWL KNIT LOVEY it is super soft, cuddly and will make your heart melt. Your baby is going to just love it and it will carry it everywhere he/she goes.

A very special gift indeed made with so much love, this Knit Lovey will bring so much joy and years of sentimental value, a winner all around.

As we embark on the journey of crafting the adorable Owl Knit Lovey, let’s not forget the charm and comfort that handmade garments bring to little ones. Just like the lovey, child clothing crafted with care holds a special place in a child’s heart and in the memories of their caregivers.

Consider, for instance, the whimsical appeal of a lucky cat onesie, lovingly knitted or sewn with soft, cozy fabric. This delightful garment not only adds a touch of playful charm to a child’s wardrobe but also becomes a cherished keepsake, imbued with the warmth and care of handmade craftsmanship.

You will be guided by Kristen through the video tutorial which is super easy to follow, her voice is clear with a very good explanation all the way through. A trick I enjoy from Kristen is that she explains thoroughly before she starts on the task at hand and every step is shown up close so you will not feel lost even if it is your first knitting project. This video tutorial will have you rocking it!!

For this pattern, we use ‘ Bernat Baby Blanket Tiny ‘ Yarn which is a medium 4 weight yarn.

For the owl the body is built in Grey the nose is ‘Sunflower’ and the eyeballs ‘Snow Cab’ and ‘Bernat Super Value’ for the squinty eyes we use colour black.

Kristen begins by going through the pattern and explaining the abbreviations. The body of the Cute Owl is first completed then she proceeds to start on the head. She suggested watching the video one or two times before attempting it yourself.

On the tutorial, you are shown the task of knitting the head using bigger needles and thicker yarn so you can get a clearer demonstration which will help you whilst using yourself smaller and thinner knitting needles. Kisten suggests using Birch or Bamboo knitting needles as they are less slippery.

Before the head is completed begin to embroider the eyes, which is fashioned from the adorable hat called ‘I’m A Hoot Knit Hat’ using the tapestry needle, when the eyes and nose are finalised, stuff the head and finish off by stitching the top of the head together.

Violla !! Job well done

Here in the link to your free pattern.

Video tutorial:

Items needed for this pattern:
  • 4 Double Pointed Needles
  • Circular Needle (16-inch cord )
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Measuring Tape
  • Stitch Markers
Care for your Cute Knit Lovey by:
  • Wash by hand in cool water
  • Do not Iron
  • Dry flat
  • Do not bleach

Did you knit a cute Owl or a Kitty Lovey? 

We would love to see your finished project. Feel free to leave a photo! Or comment below!

Happy Knitting!

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