How to Knit a Basic Hat and Scarf (Perfect for Beginner's)

How to Knit a Basic Hat and Scarf (Perfect for Beginner’s)

For those freezing winter nights and cosy days, keep the men in your life warm and classy in this easy knit level Hat and Scarf Set. Choose the colours that suit them best. Knit it for your Father, Husband, Beloved or your Teenage Son to make sure they are protected and safe in this stylish complete set.

Click here for free pattern and get set go!

In the video below, Mary Beth Temple from Hooked for life, provides a simple way to knit basic hat and scarf set. Easy enough for knitters at beginner level to accomplish. Mary Beth explains in an easy step by step procedure with precision to make a perfect set. All you need to do is choose the materials suited best for your project, this is available in the free pattern provided.

Knit the Hat:

The wool knit cap is of simple tapering constructions, though many variants exist.

Start the hat with few cast on stitches using larger needles. Break yarn, leaving a long end. Thread end through the stitches. Draw up and fasten securely. Sew back seam, reversing halfway through ribbing for turnback cuff and your hat is ready!

Knit the Scarf

The wool knit scarf is worn around the neck for warmth, sun protection, cleanliness or fashion.

For the scarf, cast on stitches using the smaller needles and end with cast-off ribbing. The scarf should measure approximately 8″ x 60″ [20.5 x 152.5 cm] which is a standard scarf length for it to go around the neck comfortably.

This free pattern, designed by, includes the abbreviations and measurements to be able to stitch up the perfect size required. This knit hat and scarf set is a great add on to the wardrobe of man accessories, using Caron Simply Soft yarn. So, pick your favourite Caron Simply Soft colours to create the warmth most necessary for the winter months.

Caron Simply Soft lets you effortlessly create a piece of comfort and luxury. Explore which colour inspires your creative spirit, to create a set that makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion or just a gesture of giving to someone you adore.Caron Simply Soft yarn is one of the most popular, versatile worsted weight yarns. Incredibly soft to the touch, this yarn is perfect for a variety of projects from baby to fashion to home décor.

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