How to Knit a Baby Blanket

This week’s knitting video tutorial is brought to us by eHow and features knitting expert Allison Isaacs from ImagiKnit, who shares her expert knitting tips and tricks on eHow’s video channel on YouTube.

In this particular video Allison talks about how to knit a baby blanket.

Knitting a baby blanket, which is usually about 2 feet by 3 feet, requires finding a type of yarn that is machine washable and avoiding yarns with fibers that shed, such as mohair, angora and alpaca.

Knit a baby-friendly blanket using decorative stitches with information from an advanced knitter in this free video on knitting.

Watch the entire video below, for full instructions.

This video tutorial was created by eHow. I encourage you to watch more of their videos, and subscribe to their channel on YouTube by clicking here.

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