7 Household Tools for Knitting

One only needs three simple things to knit: needles, a ball of yarn, and a pair of scissors. So minimalist!

Of course, there are a few little “extras” that can make knitting a lot easier and spark more joy. They can also help you master a new technique or create a next-level project that’s unlike any other you’ve ever stitched.

And let’s be real: For the knitting obsessed, new knitting supplies are like new tech toys for the tech-heads, hard to resist!

Using ordinary things around us as tools for knitting is another level of satisfaction. Blueprint has put together a few handpicked household tools that can come in handy to make your knitting life easy.

1. Quick and easy stitch markers with a different colored yarn:

Stitch markers made out of leftover yarn are probably your best option if you need to make impromptu stitch markers. Everyone has scrap pieces of yarn lying around! Using yarn as a stitch marker is super easy to do, and you don’t run the risk of damaging your yarn or messing up your project while applying them.

2. Makeshift yarn bowls: 

The yarn bowl craft is the answer to knitting’s persistent tangling problem. It is so frustrating trying to untangle your yarn especially if you are already in the middle of a project. Remember how annoyed you get when your ball of yarn roll away from you and manages to collect lint and hair? You may think you are doing just fine now but wait until you experience using a yarn bowl craft. 

3. Rubber bands: 

You’re just going to take a rubber band and wrap it around the tip of your needle. So go an inch down from the tip, and wrap this guy around the needle. It’s convenient because I have this rubber band stopper preventing my stitches from falling off. Pretty cool, right?

4. Organize your work: 

Use a jar, tiny compartment box or a tennis ball. Stock your variety of needles in that beautiful unused cookie jar. Store the beads and buttons in boxes that have partitions that make it easy to find the décor needed for your knitting project.

5. Nail clippers: 

When you can’t find a yarn cutter, do not stress. Just look for your nail clipper instead.

6. Use your hand: 

It’s not always possible to carry a foot ruler or find it in your everyday supplies. Why not put those pretty hands to use for measurements as well.

7. Dental Floss: 

Finding it difficult to pass the yarn through that hoop? Use Dental Floss as a threader to thread yarn.

Knit your way through anything and everything using these basic essentials. This video includes extremely easy demonstrations of these household tools mentioned above.

Are you ready for some relaxed and easy knitting with much needed assistance of the “extras”? 

Help us know and understand your experience with the tools by giving your valuable feedback in the comments section. Also feel free to jot down your list of household tools that might help a knitter.

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