30+ Free Knitted Dishcloth Patterns for a Stylish Kitchen

Today we’ve prepared for you a beautiful collection of over 30 free knitted dishcloth patterns to inspire your next knitting project.

Knitted dishcloths are a fun, unique addition to your kitchen interior, and a great way to upgrade your decor with your knitting skills. They look amazing on display, but they’re also very practical. Besides the obvious washing dishes, knitted dish cloths are durable, eco-friendly and can also save you a penny or two!

So if free dishcloth knitting patterns are what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with our extensive list below.

Our Favourite 10: Knitted Dishcloth Patterns

1. Bright Stripes Dishcloth by Lion Brand

Knitted Dishcloth Patterns for Your Kitchen: Bright Stripes Dishcloth by Lion Brand

Skill Level: Intermediate

A vibrant and funky wash cloth! This is a dynamic, textured dishcloth that will bring a pop of colour into your kitchen. It’s youthful and playful! Have some fun with the Bright Stripes Dishcloth. It’ll put a smile on your face whenever you’re doing everyday chores!

2. Lucky Charm Knit Dishcloth by Lily Sugar’n Cream

Lucky Charm Dishcloth - Lily Sugar N Cream

Skill Level: Beginner

Luck of the Irish! The Lucky Charm Knit Dishcloth by Lily Sugar’n Cream will bring some much needed luck into your kitchen, and is an ideal projects for new knitters. Do you love to cook in the kitchen? Or, are you notoriously bad at cooking new recipes? Either way, this dishcloth will be your lucky charm! It’s adorned with a beautiful four leaf clover and can be made in beautiful shades of green. Make yourself a lucky cloth, or gift one to your friend. It’ll be charm-ing!

3. Diamond Dishcloth by DROPS Design

Diamond Wash by DROPS Design

Skill Level: Beginner

As they day, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! The Diamond Dishcloth by Drops Design is knitted in a lace pattern with garter stitch. This is a feminine, delicate dishcloth that will seamlessly match any kitchen interior. If you’re looking for a timeless addition to your kitchen accessories, this is the one for you!

4. Knit Striped Dishcloths by Lion Brand

Knit Dishcloths by Lion Brand

Skill Level: Intermediate

Can you tell we love stripes here? This is another gorgeous knitted stripe dishcloth by Lion Brand. These stripes are a little thinner and more subdued than the Bright Stripes Dishcloth. If you want to add a touch of vibrancy to your kitchen, but don’t want to go all out, you’ll love the Knit Striped Dishcloth.

5. Cottage Charm by DROPS Design

Cottage Charm by DROPS Design

Skill Level: Intermediate

The Cottage Charm dishcloth by DROPS Design is inspired by the quintessential cottage. Think cosy armchairs, a burning fire, quilt-covered beds, and a hearty roast dinner. Get the cottage look with the Cottage Charm Dishcloth. It’s a beautiful addition to any kitchen. The knit towel is slipped stitches that create a double seeded and striped design.

6. Christmas Tree Scrubby by Red Heart

Christmas Tree Scrubby by Red Heart

Skill Level: Beginner

Bring the joy of Christmas into your kitchen this year! It’s easy to neglect the kitchen when it’s time to decorate the house at Christmas time. The Christmas Tree Scrubby by Red Heart is an easy way to incorporate the festivities into your everyday life. The Christmas Tree Scrubby is made in a triangle tree shape with green and red yarn. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Christmas magic. Make it for yourself or gift it as a stocking stuffer for the “hostess with the mostess” in your life.

7. Waffle Love by DROPS Design

Waffle Love by DROPS Design

Skill Level: Intermediate

We love this waffle dishcloth by DROPS Design. The Waffle Love dishcloth will bring some texture and dimension into your kitchen. You can make it in a timeless neutral shade or have a bit of fun with bright coloured yarn. It’s up to you! The Waffle Love dishcloth is a blank canvas for you to experiment with!

8. Simple Knitted Dishcloth by Deb Buckingham

Simple Knitted Dishcloth

Skill Level: Beginner

Sometimes all we need in life are simple things! The Simple Knitted Dishcloth by Deb Buckingham is simple, classic, and gets the job done! You can make it in whatever colour you like! It’s the perfect addition to your kitchen!

9. Dishcloth Trio by Paintbox Yarns

Dishcloth Trio by Paintbox Yarns

Skill Level: Beginner

Three’s a party! The Dishcloth Trio by Paintbox Yarns includes three distinctive dishcloth patterns. This is a good choice if you’re looking to make a couple of dishcloths that are all a bit different but work well together aesthetically. The Dishcloth Trio will become well-loved and irreplaceable in no time!

10. Classic Easy Knit Dishcloth by Carolyn Stanton

Skill Level: Beginner

This is a quick and easy beginner pattern! The Classic Easy Knit Dishcloth by Carolyn Stanton is made with a diagonally knitted garter stitch. It looks particularly good in a speckled yarn chosen by Carolyn Stanton.

Bonus: Even More Wonderful Free Knitting Patterns

11. Diagonal Dishcloths by Permier Yarns

12. Knit Valentine’s Day Dishcloth by Melissa Bergland Burnham

13. Grandma’s Favorite Heart Shaped Dishcloth by Cathy Mangaudis

14. Bordered Heart-shaped Dishcloth

15. Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth The Original by Vintage

16. The Secret Garden Dishcloth by The Kitchen Sink Shop

17. Gramma’s Dishcloth (Grandmother’s 2nd Favorite) by PJ Allen

18. Home is Best Dishcloth by The Kitchen Sink Shop

19. Ballband Dishcloth by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

20. Colorful Half + Half Washcloths by Purl Soho

21. Narnia Dishcloth by The Kitchen Sink Shop

22. Waffle Stitch Washcloth by Purl Soho

23. Sunday Dinner Dishtowels by Purl Soho

24. Easy as Pie Dishcloth by Emily Williams (Step-by-step tutorial for this pattern also available here!)

25. Double Bump Dishcloth by Missy Angus

26. All Washed Up by Jill Arnusch

27. Reversible Textured Dishcloth by Sammie Carraher

28. Grandma’s Favorite Striped Dishcloth by Debbie Trainor

29. O Canada Dishcloth by Michele C Meadows

30. Linoleum Dishcloth by Kay Gardiner

31. Slip Stitch Dishtowels In Blackbird Linen by Purl Soho

32. Waffle Knit Dishcloth by Debbie Andriulli

No matter your skill level, even if you are a beginner knitter, you will find a great pattern for your to try out. And, if you need to practice your knitting, these are perfect little quick projects for you to create and improve your craft. They make great gifts as well, so if you create many give them away to family and friends, they will love them!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of wonderful free knit dishcloth patterns. The patterns are always fun and easy and easy to make! So now all you have to do is pick your favourite pattern (or patterns!), pick your favourite yarn for the first projects, get your knitting needles out and get started on creating your next project!

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