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24 Free Coasters Knitting Patterns

We’re back this month with some new Free Knitting Patterns for you to discover, enjoy and help inspire your future knitting projects.

If you haven’t checked out the free patterns we shared in the past, here’s a quick round-up of what you have missed and where you can find everything: 33 Baby Blankets, 50 Baby Booties, 30 Chunky Blankets and Afghans, 27 Cushion Covers, 20 Tea Cosies, 35 Items for Premature Babies, 6 Patterns for Breast Hats and 60+ Scarf Patterns.

In our post today we’re sharing knitting patterns, for something we can use in the kitchen, at the dining table, at the desk. Anywhere really! Wherever you might enjoy sipping on a cup of tea or coffee, you can use these fun knitted coasters. Since Summer is fast approached, it’s really only days away now, and the warm weather is already with us, we thought of sharing something different, and definitely not something you create to wear!

So if you’re looking for a fun yet different project for your Summer knitting, here are 24 many mug and cup coaster free knitting patterns for you to enjoy and keep you busy.

Click on the various links below to access the different patterns. Let us know which ones you like best, or even which ones you have tried out! Have fun knitting!

  1. Basketwear & Square in Square Coasters (2 patterns!)
  2. Simple Seed Stitch Border Coaster Pattern
  3. Coasters in Color
  4. A Sheep’s Mug Mat
  5. Petal Power Felted Flower Coasters
  6. Cute Heart Mug Rug
  7. Patriotic Coaster
  8. Mitered Coaster
  9. Easy Funky Flower Coasters
  10. Circular Coaster
  11. Java Flower Coasters
  12. Lots of Triangles Coaster
  13. Jasper Hexagonal Coasters
  14. Knit Letter Tile Coasters
  15. Rainbow Coaster
  16. Twinkle Coasters
  17. Calla Coasters
  18. Reversible Mug Mat
  19. Basket Case Coaster
  20. America Star Coasters
  21. Simple Garter Coaster
  22. Square Coaster Basket Pattern
  23. Knitted Bear Coasters
  24. Mushroom Coaster

Please note: Each link points you to the page where you can access the free knitting pattern; all these have been checked so as to ensure they are totally free of charge at the time of publishing. Some websites might require that you register with them before being able to access the pattern, but this is also free.

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