Cosy Coats for Your Little Pooch (Free Patterns!)

Today we’re presenting something a little different. Here are 7 free patterns for knitted coats for dogs! We’re sure you and your little pooch will adore them!

Red Heart Striped Knit Dog Coat

Just imagine how cool and trendy your furry little best friend will look in this cozy and cute knitted dog coat. It will completely change the ‘walk’ routine, to a trot around the block.

This Free and easy knit pattern is here to download now.

Designed in Red Heart Heat Wave with the striped body and double thickness around the edges of the neck, sleeves, and rim in royal blue to set off the style whilst keeping your poochy feeling extra warm and stylish. Try your knitting hands on the free pattern and learn new techniques and working the colours together. You and your pup are sure going to love the French looking handmade garment. We just love this easy project that pampers your pooch! Your pup will be the most fashionable dog at the park!

Bernat I-Matey Dog Coat

Ahoy, Me Hearties, How about this outdoor Dog apparel!!

Avast! Where is the treasure? It is right here! Your Pup has become a pirate! Pirates and pups go hand in hand with this adorable knit coat in Bernat Satin.

There will be NO other puppy that can compete with the style and class of your beloved poochy whilst donning this terribly cute and authentic outfit. The little black number, decorated with the skull and crossbones along with matching hat is available in size ranges from XS – L so no dog will not miss out!

Bernat Satin and Ebony and Snow are available as shown in the Free pattern, although you can pick the colours that fit yours and your puppy’s personality. A female dog may prefer pastel colours. It’s your choice!

Don’t delay and download your FREE pattern here

Bernat Knit Work Sock Dog Coat

Keep your dog warm with a stylish sweater this winter for the morning and evening walks. Your favorite 4-legged friend won’t want to remove his comfy cozy knit sweater made in the classic grey and white and redwork socks. Ideal in Worsted weight Bernat Super value Yarn for a super soft fit.

The Pattern is available in a range of four sizes, for a range of poochies.

Download your FREE pattern now 

Don’t forget to check what you need for the finishing touches for your project! Take a look at the list of supplies you’ll need that aren’t included in your kit.

Kit does not include:

  • 2 Stitch Holders
  • Stitch marker

Bernat Knit Dog Coat

Knit this coat for your favourite dog, in Bernat Super Value Yarn.

This Free Knit Pattern shouts loud ‘knit me’! Who could resist it? You know your beloved Pup will adore his little knit jacket. Perfect for these colder months and a big boost of encouragement to leave the warm home to go outside for walkies!

It is an easy project to tackle and you can whip it up quickly for your poochy OR a perfect gift for that dog lover this festive season. Beware though you may have many orders as everyone will want one.

Obtain your free pattern here.

Choose the colours from a wide range that are available from Bernat Super Value Yarn. The long knit sweater with the double-layered rim around the edges will keep the doggy belly all toasty and snug on those frosty outings. The size of the Knit Sweater varies depending on the size of your furry little friend, so be sure to check which measurements are needed. The pattern project is for the beginner knitter so do not delay, ‘start’ today in time for the perfect Doggie Present.

Caron Knit Hoodie Dog Coat

This knit sweater with hoodie is designed for the coolest dog in town. It is stylish and adorable and an easy project to tackle this winter!

To top it off remember that the pattern is absolutely free.

This fun doggie jacket is a must for your little fur baby! There are many colours to choose from to mix and match the colour of your pooch but this self-striping yarn like Caron Sprinkle Cakes will make your pup stand out at the park! Whilst keeping your pet snug and stylish.

Bernat Fair Isle Knit Dog Coat

A classic Fair Isle knit dog jacket works well in Worsted Weight Bernat Super value yarn.

This Free pattern is great for gifting to a dog lover!

The detail of this knit Doggie sweater will make your furry friend the star of the party. So very pretty with the Fair Isle stitch and the buttons that run from the neck to the bottom of the garment, with the added detailed rim around the edges for extra comfort and warmth.

Download the free pattern to get started.

Here is a list of supplies you will need for the finishing touches:

  • Size U.S 6 (4 mm) circular knitting
  • Set of four size U.S 6 (4 mm) double pointed knitting needle
  • Stitch Holder
  • Stitch Markers
  • 4 (5-5) buttons

Patons Cables and Hearts Dog Coat


This adorable knit jacket adorned with hearts just oozes love!! Knitted in Patons Canadiana yarn.

Your dog will strutt (not walk) when you go in the great outdoors with its new knitted jacket. What a treat for all to see, the cables and hearts are heart-melting. Patons Canadiana yarn is easy to care for and has a huge range of colours to choose from. You can guarantee that your walks will take longer as you show off your furry best friend and its hand-made trendy outfit.

Obtain your Free pattern HERE

Everything you need to make your new project is included in their kit!

Time to get stitching, and don’t forget to share your photos and progress!

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