Video Tutorial: How to Knit the Bernat Mega Bulky Throw

Hello and welcome to KnittingWomen.Com. Today we have a Super Easy Project for the beginner knitter!!

The first thing to do now is to watch the FREE step by step video tutorial below by Brittany from Bhooked Knitting. Below you will also find a link to download the free pattern, and also find all the information needed to start your Lush throw over, including a detailed list of the supplies that you will need and for convenience the yarn can also be ordered right there on that page!

So do not delay and download the full pattern here. You will totally fall in love with this cosy and snuggly Mega Throw from As stated before, the Mega Bulky Yarn can be purchased from the downloaded page, so all that is needed are Jumbo sized needles and a big Darning needle and some spare time!

So off we go……. Brittany begins her tutorial by showing how to cast the yarn onto the Jumbo-sized needle. These needles are joined together with a thin rubber strip which enables you to work with a width of 62 stitches long.

The video is easy to follow whilst the dialogue is clear. Brittany only talks when she’s explaining how to knit the Mega throw-over which helps the beginner knitter concentrate on the job at hand. The close-up tutorial helps you to not miss a stitch. This free video tutorial helps you work at your own pace as the video can continually be paused and rewatched depending on your speed and time it takes to learn how to cast on and bind off.

Overall this is easy peasy pattern as the design is a 2 row repeat Knit and Pearl. Taking one row each in turn repeated for a total of 72 rows. Then finishing by casting off from the right-hand side of the Mega throw and weaving in the ends of the yarn for a smooth and finished look.

This project will give the beginner knitter a chance to gain confidence and speed whilst realising that everyone has a creative side just waiting to burst out. This beautiful Mega Throw can be used in the lounge, bedroom, at your work desk!! Wherever you decide it is transportable and very versatile.

As we’re coming up to the festive season, what a wonderful handmade gift this could be! For a special person in your life. Wrapped in beautiful paper and left under the Christmas tree. Happy Crafting & please feel free to leave photos or comments below

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