How to Knit Continental Style

The knitting video tutorial we’re showcasing today is brought to us by eHow and features Jan Runkel, who has over 15 years of experience in knitting and crocheting instruction and design. She is currently the on-site instructor for Yarn Company of Palm Desert in California and today shares her expert knitting tips and tricks on eHow’s video channel on YouTube.

In this particular video Jan talks about how to knit continental style.

In order to knit continental style, hold the yarn in the left hand, bring it up and over the index finger and hold the needle from front to back.

Discover why the continental method of knitting is also called pick knitting with help from a knitting instructor in this free video on the continental method of knitting.

Watch the entire video below, for full instructions.

This video tutorial was created by eHow. I encourage you to watch more of their videos, and subscribe to their channel on YouTube by clicking here.

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