How to Knit the English Rib Stitch

Today we are going to show you a tutorial on how to knit the English Rib Stritch.

What is Rib stitching? When to use it? 

To describe ‘ribbing’ is to alternate knit and purl stitches within a row. Ribbing helps to keep the material flat, therefore, able to obtain a tidy looking finish, it is also reversible so it is the same on both sides of the garment.

Ribbing is usually on the edge of a knitted item, say a sock!! The idea is to pull the stitches in a little, to form a snug finish, to help hold the sock or glove in place and do its job effectively by keeping the wearer warm and super comfortable. Ribbing finishes the edges of a sweater for instance at the bottom edge, the sleeve hem and sometimes the neckline so it fits just a little tighter to the body. Forming the shape and the fit of a knitted garment.

To be able to knit ribbing perfectly just watch this short video (FREE)

The video tutorial is not only free, but it is also quick and easy to follow. There will be no missed stitches for you 🙂

The tutorial is filmed at the perfect distance and her voice is easy to listen to. You will be able to rib everything after this detailed description alongside the visual with her explanation of how to knit two/purl two. She follows by explaining what to look for to check which stitch you are on, so when you pick it back up you know exactly at what stage to proceed from. 

Clear and easy!

Have you ever used the English Rib Stitch? Let us know in the comments.

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