How to Knit in the Round

Are you a beginner knitter who wants to dive into knitting socks and hats? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned knitter who is looking for some expert tips on knitting in the round? Then you’ll definitely find today’s featured tutorial video interesting! This video is brought to us by knitting experts at

In today’s video Stefanie Japel shows us some great techniques that make knitting in the round easy

When knitting in the round, you are always looking at the right side of the fabric, so patterns and charts are written with every row going from right to left. There are so many projects that are knit in the round that require a stretchy cast on, like a sock or the a hat. In order to keep these things stretchy you need to be sure to cast on loosely.

Watch the video below, and read on below for full instructions!

One tip that Stefanie shared in the video, is to hold your finger between each stitch you cast on, so that you leave a little space between them. When you get to the point where you are ready join your stitches to work in in the round, be careful to avoid twisting your stitches while joining or you’ll run into problems later.

Make sure that all of the stitches are facing the same way (either inside or outside the needle) and you’re good to go! To finish your piece, you may need to make a jogless join, to do so, slip the first stitch of the round as if to knit, then, on subsequent rounds knit it as usual.

In the video Stefanie uses circular needles to knit in the round, but another way to knit in the round is DPN, you’d use these for things like socks. To get started with DPN’s, evenly distribute the stitches among the needles. The rest of the steps are the same as I’ve shown you before. It’s that easy.

Those are all the key steps to knitting in the round. Now go off and make your own wonderful creations.

This video tutorial was created by Craftsy, and features Stefanie Japel, one of the knitting experts at I encourage you to visit the website to discover various knitting patterns, kits, yarn and so much more, to help inspire your next knitting project!

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