Top Tips for Knitting a Slouchy Beanie

Another week, and we’re back again showcasing a new knitting tutorial video from one of the fantastic knitting experts at

In today’s video Stefanie highlights her top tips for knitting a a cute and quick beanie. Beanies make cozy, custom gifts and they’re so easy to create.

Stefanie’s first tip is to cast on loosely in order to keep the band of the hat stretchy. To do that hold your finger between each stitch you cast on, so that you leave a little space between them. Be careful to avoid twisting your stitches while joining to work in the round, or you’ll run into problems later.

Watch the video below, and read on below for full instructions!

Make sure that all of the stitches are facing the same way, either inside or outside the needle, and you’re good to go! Ribbing is a common stitch pattern you’ll see in hat patterns. That’s what makes the band of the hat stretchy. It’s typically worked on smaller needles than the rest of the hat

In this particular hat, the instructions call for a “k2p2” ribbing, that means I’ll knit 2, then purl 2, all the way around.

Now that the ribbing is done, we need to switch to a larger needle. You simply start knitting the stitches as normal, but use the new needle all the way around until the smaller needle is released and set it aside.

Lastly, work crown decreases and finish off by running the darning needle through each of the stitches while slipping them off the knitting needles. Close up the hole and weave in the ends. And there you have it! Some simple tips and tricks to make a great beanie.

This video tutorial was created by Craftsy, and features Stefanie Japel, one of the knitting experts at I encourage you to visit the website to discover various free knitting patterns and get inspired for your next knitting project!

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