How to Knit a Stylish Dog Sweater

Bringing to you a Video tutorial by Marly Bird From Red Heart Yarns!!



Marley demonstrates how to knit a stylish dog sweater for your Fur Baby ‘or’ an extra special hand-made gift for a friend or loved one for their little pooch.

This Two-Part Video tutorial come complete with free pattern – Download Here.

To start on your Knitted dog sweater, first, download the pattern and read carefully through it, also it’s vital to read the ‘notes’ section because the most important information is in the notes regarding the size of the pattern. In total, there are four sizes available to choose from. Make sure you start on the correct size for your furry loved one following it carefully all the way through whilst knitting the dog sweater. This project uses three sets of needles which are:

  • Straight needles
  • Circular needles
  • Double pointed needles.

This free pattern is for intermediate knitters or beginners who want a bit of a challenge, although Marly does a very good job to clearly and with accurate execution demonstrate a step by step guide through this tutorial. One of the techniques to make this adorable knit sweater is the Slip Stitch Striping sequence Pattern and she also changes the color of the yarn in easy to follow steps all the while reminding the viewers to keep following the pattern notes for the particular size you’re creating.

At the start of your Knit winter sweater the Straight needles are used followed by the Circular needles for that extra space and ease and to finish up, around the leg sleeves, Marly uses her expertise to show how the Pointed needles are used to delicately form the little sleeve.

Finally, the spare yarn is ‘Bind off in pattern’ with a tapestry needle and all the loose ends are cleverly interwoven inside the garment.

The finished product is incredibly cute and eye-catching and the perfect Christmas gift for your furry loved one. Choose your colors to suit the character of your pup. No time to delay and start your knit stitch cozy sweater today. Your walking companion will love it and you will be able to show off in the park with your warm and trendy pup.

Don’t forget to comment and post photos of the finished product !!

Happy knitting – Knitter friends !!

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