Cable Knitted Hat Patterns

Cable Knitted Hats Patterns: A Comprehensive List (Free Patterns & More)

Cable knit hats are a classic item to have in your closet that will never go out of style. Usually made with bulky weight yarn, they’re warm, cozy, and can be worn with just about any outfit you can think of. 

Of course, cable knit hats aren’t just for adults; kids love them too! If you’re looking for cable knit hat patterns to keep your head warm and cosy on those cold winter days or nights, then look no further than this list.

Free Cable Hat Knit Patterns

Below we have drawn up a collection of our favorite free knitting pattern designs; these are a great go-to for inspiration, especially if you’ve just started knitting. However, if you are a more experienced knitter, you will also find projects here to inspire you are well as we have included patterns for the different skill level of our readers.

(We have a list of easy knitting pattern styles for beginners, further down on this page, so do keep reading.)

Free cable knit hat patterns are also a great way to try out a new yarn – just remember that the gauge will change depending on how tight or loose you knit.

Make sure you take note of the yarn weight as detailed in the pattern for each project, sometimes bulky yarn is preferred to give a hat a particular look.

Also check whether any particular tools are required, like circular knitting needles, smaller needles or larger needles. Sometimes a stitch marker or two will also come in handy! Ensuring you take note of these specific points, will help you create the perfect hat.

Rose Crush by DROPS Design

Rose Crush Cable Knit Hat by DROPS Design

This pattern is an intermediate-level project, and it will require knowledge of knitting skills such as casting on, binding off, and working in the round. Knit using English rib, this is a special project to create indeed!

You should be comfortable with basic techniques such as knitting two stitches together and slipping a stitch from one needle to another without dropping it.

The gauge for this pattern is 18 stitches and 24 rows per 4 inches in stockinette stitch using size eight needles (US).

This hat is knitted from the top down so that you can try it on as you go to get the fit just right. 

To make sure you get the correct size for your head, measure around your head where you want your hat to sit and multiply by 0.8 – 1 inch depending on how snugly fitted you would like it to be (for example: if your measurement were 22 inches, then 20 inches would give enough room so that it doesn’t feel too tight around your ears but still fits comfortably). 

After making sure that it fits properly on your head, draw some lines across some paper vertically along where these measurements fall onto each other so that when folded over. 

They create an even line between them both horizontally across (each side), which will allow us later when sewing up our seam into place to ensure no gaps occur during construction.

Cool Cables Set by DROPS Design

Cools Cables Knit Set by DROPS Design

This pattern is free, and it’s easy to follow. The hat, scarf, and mittens are all included in this pattern so it’s a complete set you can create which will definitely help you refine your cable techniques. It is provided in a size small, medium, large and extra-large – so make sure the size fits who you are knitting for.

Columns of Valhalla Hat by DROPS Design

Columns Of Valhalla Hat by DROPS Design

If you’re looking for a knitted hat pattern that’s free, easy to knit, and makes a stylish hat in no time at all, this is the one. 

Cozy Cable Knit Hat by Bernat

Worked with double pointed needles, this lovely hat can be knit up in no time! Ideal for an intermediate level knitter, to make this hat you will need two balls of Bernat Softee Chunky yarn (or any other super bulky yarn of your choice). Which colour will you choose? (If you love to give this a try, but need more guidance, further down in this post you will find a video tutorial specifically showing you step by step how to knit this hat!)

Celtic Companion by DROPS Design

Celtic Companion by DROPS Design

This particular cable knitting pattern is easy to follow, and with a bit of practice, you can create something unique and beautiful. It includes instructions for both the hat, and wrist warmers – definitely a nice set!

This free pattern uses worsted weight soft yarn, which will make the hat nice and warm while keeping it light enough to wear all day long. 

Ring of Cables Hat by Kim Cameron

Ring of Cable Hat by Knit Picks

The pattern is easy to follow, and it’s easy to knit, however it is also easy to adjust and modify this pattern. 

You can personalize it too! All these things make the Ring of Cables hat an excellent choice for a knitter who wants a challenge but doesn’t want to mess with something complicated. Plus, it looks great on everyone.

Cable Knit Hat Pattern Collection for Beginners (Easy Level)

If you’re new to knitting and want to get your hands on some easy patterns, here are a few of our favorite basic beginner hats. Plus if you’re a beginner knitter, it might be best to stick with a simple pattern that only requires basic knitting skills like casting on and binding off! Let us know which easy knit hat pattern if your favourite, and which you have tried in the comments below.

Cabled Chapeau by Red Heart

Cabled Chapeau by Red Heart

We are in love with this style! This is another quick knit project, as it is knit in the round so the hat’s body is complete in no time. The classic cable style, plus the extra detail at the brim of the hat makes it truly a great pattern to knit.

Cable Hat by Bernat

Cable Hat by Bernat

This pattern is available in multiple sizes, which means you can knit a hat to fit anyone. Perfect if you want to add a touch of style and chic to your look, this cable pattern is knit in the round.

The instructions are easy to follow, making it suitable for beginners who want something simple yet stylish. 

The pattern also includes instructions on knitting cables without a cable needle, if desired. It can be done using one or different colors at once – the choice is yours.

This hat works up quickly using any yarn type from worsted weight (heavy) down through fingering weight (light).

Cable Hat, Scarf, and Mittens Set by Bernat

Cable Hat Scarf and Mittens Set by Bernat

This set is for both hat and scarf knitting using worsted weight yarn, and the pattern for the mittens is also included. 

The pattern is for beginner to intermediate knitters and includes instructions for both adult and child sizes, as well as women’s and men’s versions of the hat.

Video Tutorials to Knit Cable Hats

If you prefer following along a full video tutorial in order to create your project, we’ve got you covered! Here are our favourite two video guides that will allow you to create a warm cabled hat that you will be proud of.

Tutorial 1: Easy Cable Knit Hat for First Time Cable Knitters by B.Hooked Crochet & Knitting

If it’s your first time knitting cables, and need more guidance, this is a great place to start! This video has been created by B.Hooked, a great resource for both crochet and knitting enthusiasts, and the free pattern for this particular project is available here.

Tutorial 2: Knit a Cozy Hat with Braided Cables by Bernat

Beautiful cables are prominent in this cozy hat by Bernat, which was already mentioned in our list earlier on. In this video, expert knitter Mary Beth Temple, from Hooked for Life, walks us through the steps required to create this beautiful piece.

That’s a wrap… or a cable 😉

This list of cable knit hat patterns will help you find the perfect pattern for your next knitting project.

If there is any other particular free knit hat pattern we’ve missed from our list, please do comment below so we can consider adding them to our list.

It’s time to get knitting. If you need help choosing the hat knitting pattern for your, please do get in touch!

In the meantime, happy knitting!

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