14 Celtic Cable Knitting Patterns

14 Charming Celtic Cable Knitting Patterns for Your Next Project

At Knitting Women we love sharing the best knitting resources with you, to save you time, so you can easily find the free knitting pattern you need for your next fun project. We have shared a variety of free pattern collections in the past, however in our blog post today we’re sharing a style of patterns we have never explored before, patterns featuring the striking Celtic Cable and Celtic Knot design.

If a celtic pattern is a design you have never tried before, fear not! As usual in our list we share patterns suited for both beginner and more experienced knitters, so you are sure to find your next knitting project in the pattern list below, that will help you take your knitting skills to a whole new level.

Free Celtic Cable Knitting Patterns

1. Celtic Poetry by DROPS Design

Celtic Poetry

These charming knitted headbands and neck warmers will beautify your looks and will add more definition. The awesome creation is designed by the most talented crafters over at Garn Studio. Nowadays these are trending for providing an easy and understandable pattern. This works back and forth with circular needles together. There are so many cowl and neck patterns that you can crochet with wonderful yarn.

2. Celtic Cables Wrap by Caron

Celtic Cables Wrap

The luxurious cables now stand against the simple seed stitch. The perfect yarn for this project is Caron Simply Soft heathers in any of the shades to enhance your creative talents. Finish the look with the sophisticated shawl with a marbled effect and it will create a fabulous ending look. Creating the right size for you is very important.

3. Celtic Rhythm by DROPS Design

Celtic Rhythm

While deciding the wardrobe for our winter season we love to add knitted pieces to add more definition to the look. And also you can never go wrong with wearing knitted patterns. The loose, classy, and classic rhythm jackets are also one of the must-haves of the winter season.

4. Celtic Cables Dishcloth by Lily Sugar ‘N’ Cream

Celtic Cables Dishcloth

Choose the vibrant colors from the collection. Use the dishcloth for the summer dining table or knit a set of coasters in cotton yarns. Use them on the table, on the counter, or the sink. You may love the simplest textured dishcloth. This is the most inspiring Celtic Dishcloth that is knitted in Lily Sugar’s cream.

5. Celtic Charm by DROPS, Design 

Celtic Charm

These wonderful knitted drops jackets with hoods, raglan sleeves, and cables are trending nowadays. These homemade jackets seem fabulous while wearing them at any casual event with hats of cotton yarn. Choose the right one for you. DROPS Designs always provide you the easy and understandable patterns. It will help you admire your crafty talent by following the patterns.

6. Celtic Cables and Rib Top by Patons

Celtic Cables and Rib Top

On its front side, there is a beautiful cable detailing on top and the wide ribbing gives the beautiful look of traditional corsetry. This knitting pattern uses sport-weight yarn. Fabulous patterns of Celtic cables in Patons include short sleeves, ribs, seamed, and cables. This pattern will guarantee you the final piece that in the end lefts a lasting impression.

7. Celtic Romance by DROPS Design

Celtic Romance

Just top and bottom are not enough to slay your winter looks. People need mufflers, hats, beanies, gloves, etc. to rule out every look. Just like that the headband and the neck warmers are used from the 80s till now to slay the winter look book. You can style the same colored headbands and neck warmers with long frocks or contrast them with some plain shirts.

8. Celtic Cable Neck Warmer by Lindsay Henricks

Celtic Cable Neckwarmer

Most of the time when not wearing any high neck or mufflers we often neglect our neck part. But that is the most sensitive part of the skin that gets cold easily. Styling the shirts with knitted neck warmers can make a huge difference and will change the whole look. These cable-knitted neck warmers are short scarves with buttons at the end which you can style easily without worrying about tying the knots.

9. Celtic Winter by DROPS Design 

Celtic Winter

A winter waistcoat can also be styled in different ways to create different looks. These Celtic winters are plain from the bottom but have chunky knitted patterns at the top and the sleeves. This makes them a perfect fit to style with jeans on plain full-sleeved shirts.

10. Celtic Cables Vest by Patons 

Celtic Cable Vest

Extend your wardrobe with this cool and classy long winter vest to style them in the winter season. Definitely a good idea to create, this vest will give you a very sophisticated and classy look. You can maximize the look with a knitted headband or sunglasses to look more aesthetic and cool during the cold times as well.

11. Celtic Dancer by DROPS Design 

Celtic Dancer

The Celtic knitted sleepers or knee-length socks are also must-haves to style with miniskirts or thigh-hugging tights. These are also a very trendy option for indoor parties or comfy movie nights with your friends.

12. Celtic Pullover for Her by Cascade Yarns 

Celtic Pullover for Her

Who doesn’t love wearing oversized and comfy sweaters in winter while enjoying your coffee on the sofa with the sound of raindrops? The chunky pattern of sweaters from the pullover for her collection is the perfect fit for the winters. The pattern shows chunks of the yarn knitted in the sweater which makes it more unique, gives it a modern twist and definitely makes it eye-catching.

13. Celtic Red by DROPS Design 

Celtic Red

So do you want to stand out in any winter event and look different yet elegant then don’t miss this out? One must-have piece for your Christmas, valentines, or Halloween party is these Celtic Red knee-length socks. The bright and eye-catching red color makes it more unique and attractive.

14. Celtic Cable and Rib Set by Cascade Yarns 

Celtic Cable and Rib Set

We often find it difficult when it comes to matching our outfits and styling them out in different colors. The Celtic cable and rib set includes a cute beanie and mittens of the same color. Wearing a vibrant color in fall with a contrasting set of beanies and mittens makes you look more aesthetic and adds definition to the outfit.

So there you have it, a list of 14 stunning celtic cable knitting patterns that you can knit this season, no matter your skill level! So set aside some quiet time, choose some cozy bulky yarn in the color of your choice, pick your favourite pattern from the list above, and with your cable needle or tapestry needle in hand (as required in the pattern instructions of course) start creating your next masterpiece!

Knitting Video Tutorials

If this is a detailed design which is totally new to you, and you prefer following a video tutorial to get it right, we have shared below two great YouTube videos which demonstrate how to create this unique styles… considering these your class videos for today’s lessons in celtic cable knitting. Video tutorials are particularly helpful if this is new to you because you can watch specifically how the different cabe stitched are worked up, and of course you can see the front of work, as well as back of work required to create the actual physical product.

1. Celtic Cable Saxon Braid Stitch by Studio Knit

In this video Kristen from Studio Knit, demonstrates how to create the celtic cable’s intricate stitch design so you can create the correct knit stitches. The free pattern needed to create this project is shared here.

2. How to Knit a Celtic Cable Braid

This is a lengthier video tutorial to watch, where you can follow along RJ Knits at he demonstrates how easy it is to create the celtic cable patterns.

Before you go…

Although we usually like to share mostly patterns which are available for free, we cannot not share something fantastic when we see it, and this is exactly what the Diamond Hill Loop Celtic Cable knitting pattern is! The cable details in this pattern are simply gorgeous, and will let you create a variety of different items, although we see it fit mostly with a knit scarf. Worked using Irish moss stitch and mini cable ribbing, you will definitely up your skill when you try this one. You can have a closer look here, and purchase the pattern if you are tempted.

Until our next one, take out your knitting needles, and happy knitting!

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