32+ Free Tea Cosy Knitting Patterns

We’re back today with more free knitting patterns for you to enjoy. We’re doing our very best to keep this series at a weekly instalment, to help inspire your knitting projects on a regular basis πŸ™‚

If you’ve missed out on the free pattern posts we shared in the last few weeks, here’s a quick roundup of what is available for you to enjoy so far: 33 Baby Blanket Patterns, 50 Baby Booty Patterns, 30 Chunky Blanket and Afghan Patterns, 27 Stylish Knit Rug Patterns and 27 Cushion Covers.

So what new goodies have we prepared for you today? Patterns for something you can create for fun, though of course it also proved to be very useful! Today we’re sharing 32 different patterns for wonderful tea cozies.

The patterns available today are truly unique and simply gorgeous! If tea if your thing, and you like to have you tea the proper way (like I do!) with a tea-pot and all other essential crockery, a unique tea cosy to reflect your style is essential! So check out the selection we’ve prepared for you below.

Enjoy these patterns, and happy knitting!

  1. Aunt Jane Tea Cosy (by Danish Knit Design)
  2. Cuddly Tea Cosy (by Be Sweet)
  3. Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Tea Cozy & Eggy Cozy (by Lily Sugar @ Yarnspirations)
  4. Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Flower Basket Tea Cozy (by Lily Sugar @ Yarnspirations)
  5. Patons Aran Sweater Tea Cozy (by Patons @ Yarnspirations)
  6. Patons Classic Pleated Tea Cozy (by Patons @ Yarnspirations)
  7. Leah’s Rose Tea Cosies
  8. Right Royal Cuppa Tea Cozy!
  9. Christmas Tea Cosies (Direct .PDF Download)
  10. Button Up Your Cup
  11. Pumpkin Tea Cosy
  12. The Owl Tea Cosy
  13. Tea for Jo Jo
  14. Flower Pot Tea Cosy
  15. Cabled Tea Cosy
  16. Grannie’s Traditional Tea Cosy
  17. Aromatherapy Tea Cosy
  18. Teapot Cosy
  19. Autumn Tea Cozy
  20. Knit Tea Cozy
  21. Flowered Tea Cosy
  22. Scallop Tea Cosy
  23. Daffodil Stitch Tea Cosy
  24. Cushy Smocked Throw and Tea Cozy
  25. The Odeon Bicolour Brioche (Prime Rib) Tea Cosy
  26. Seed Stitch Tea Cozy
  27. Chocolate Cake Tea Cosy
  28. Pinked Up
  29. Rosebuds Tea Cosy
  30. Vintage Daisy
  31. Christmas Robin Tea Cosy
  32. David the Basket Weave Tea Cosy
  33. Floral Knitted Tea Cosy from 1937
  34. Ice Cream Swirl Tea Cozy
  35. Felted Tea Cosy
  36. Rainbow Tea Cosy
  37. Traditional English Tea Cosy
  38. Drawstring Top Cosy

Please note: Each link points you to the page where you can access the free knitting pattern; again all these have been checked so as to ensure they are totally free of charge at the time of publishing. Some websites might require that you register with them before being able to access the pattern, but this is also free.

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  1. Is it possible for you to mail hard copies of free knitting patterns for tea cosies as I do not have a printer at home? Thank you.

    Hazel McPartland

  2. When I found your site I also found the teacosy I was looking for , thankyou very much I have made three so far ?

  3. How do i get the free 32 tea cosy patterns as i do not have a printer and need some asap for charity, willing to pay postage costs many thanks

  4. Did anyone find in their stash or local shop Bamboo Pop yarn – color Silken #115 dye lot #7878.
    I will buy up to 4 balls and of course pay for shipping to South Carolina.
    Thank you for looking.


  5. For those of you who do not have printers, many libraries offer computer usage which includes printing. Also, Kinko’s, Staples, Office Depot, etc offer printing services for a fee. It is cheaper if you take the files in to them on a flash drive.

    1. To download the patterns Jan, simply click on the link of the pattern you are interested in and follow the instructions to download the pattern.

    JUNE 29TH 2016

    1. Hi Joan. To download the free patterns simply click on each link above in the article, and follow the instructions you will find πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  7. I am looking for a basic pattern for a small, 1/2 cup teacosy. Do you know where I can find one, thank you

  8. Looking for free t cosies patterns for doing t cosies for charities fund raising event for children with learning disabilities. All would be gratefully appreciated

    1. To download the patterns please click on the link and follow the instructions! You will received a PDF document, which you can print off and follow. Thanks!

  9. Doing the elephant knitted tea cozy from Trampled by Geese.Going along great until I get to the 29th row.You see to make pattern a bit bigger I put on 50 instead of 40 stitches.It now says to k1 SSK until 3 stitches left k2tgth k1. Then purl next row repeat 2 rows once. Ok so will I still follow instructions or do I have to adjust anything.Just learning BUT determined.I know what the definitions mean (following videos on u-tube) just don’t know if I continue in pattern. Thankyou Lynne

  10. Hi there just found your site for free patterns for tea cosy may I please apply for free patterns. It’s a great site and such good creations

    Thank you

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