How to Knit a Hat on a Loom

Using a Knitting Loom: Basic Guide

If you have just discovered the wonderful art of knitting, then you are probably overwhelmed with the foreign looking tools that are considered a staple in this craft. One of the most important materials that are commonly used today is the knitting loom, or otherwise known as knitting boards or Amish looms. This gadget recently came into popularity by Knifty Knitter process, and is considered to be the descendant of the traditional frame looms.

A knitting loom features some grooved pegs that are evenly spaced right along its central frame. The pegs are used to wrap the yarn with in using several techniques and the knitter will then use the angled hook to easily pull the yarns right over the top of the peg. This with eventually result into the creation of a fabric that has similar consistency and features produced using the knitting needles.

A lot of beginners, and even kids, who are interested in learning how to knit choose to jumpstart their hobby with a plastic knitting loom that is both lightweight and durable in design and are available in four different sizes. But how do you actually go about using this seemingly simple yet complicated tool?

Here are the basic instructions to guide you through the use of this product:

Casting On

First, you will need to place a thumbtack on one side of the loom then carefully tie a simple slipknot right into the first peg. To be able to do this properly, hold the loom with your hand with the pegs facing upwards.

To Wrap

Use a yarn to wrap every peg in a counterclockwise direction, careful not to pull in to tight, but maintain a slightly loose wrap. Move around every peg in a clockwise direction and right when you reach the thumbtack, wrap around the pegs for yet another 2 rounds so that will be able to have 3 loops on each peg.

Start to Knit

Now that all the pegs are carefully wrapped with three loops of yarn, its time for you to start knitting. To do this, you will need a crochet hook or a nut pick and start and the left side of the thumbtack. Place the tip of the knitting needle at the bottom of the peg and slowly run it up to reach the yarn and carefully hook one strand of yarn and pull it up and over the peg. This will provide you with the very first stitch using your knitting loom and you can repeat the process to make the subsequent stitches.

This may be a little confusing especially if you don’t have the step-by-step illustration guide, but once you keep the gist of this process, you will discover that it is actually easier that following the traditional knitting method.

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