Tips and Tricks for Beginner Knitters

If you have just recently discovered the wonders of the timeless art of knitting, then you are probably eager to learn a few handy tips that could hopefully help you avoid the common beginner knitting mistakes along with a few hitches and snags that you will predictably encounter along the way.

So here are some of the valuable tricks of the trade that can help you confidently tackle your very first skirmish with the knitting needles as fuss free as possible:

One of the most simple but important beginner knitting techniques that could potentially prevent your yarn from getting all tangled up is to purchase a yarn holder to keep it safely in place. This will help you concentrate more on the task at hand and avoid the burden of constantly checking on your yarn or worse ñ attempting to untangle it right in the middle of your project.

If the particular project requires many stitches, then it’s only practical to use some markers to help you effectively and efficiently identify some missed stitches without having to painstakingly count an entire row. Since knitting is not an overnight project, you can use small post-its to indicate just where you left off.

If your beginner knitting project requires some buttons, then place a reverse stitch on the particular area so you won’t have to strain your eyes just to look for that specific spot to attach the button once your done with your project. If you are have chosen some mittens or socks as your first pattern, use a smaller sized needle or slightly reduce the sizes of the stitches if you are on your last row so will be attain a significantly neater appearance.

If you are about to continue with the last stitch you left off, make sure to pick out a small hole so you won’t have to worry about uneven stitches of unbalanced patterns that could potentially ruin the overall appearance of your project. If you are making some comfy sweaters, its best to roll them up before storing and never place them in plastic bags.

Now that you have more or less a general idea on the basic guidelines on beginner knitting techniques, you are ready to tackle head-on your very first project and have a wonderful time honing your newfound skills in knitting. The first few stitches would prove to be a little daunting but once you get the hang of it, you’ll probably enjoy every stitch you make as your creation takes form right before your very eyes.

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  1. I’m a new knitter. This technique has changed my knitting life. The Russian join. I love to use lots of colors. I change colors frequently. No more knots with the Russian join. Lots of you tube videos on how to do this join.

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