4 Basic (But Crucial) Knitting Tools

Some people say that the best gifts are those that come from the heart. It is indeed a very profound concept and is very much correct. But let’s face it; a lot of us would want to receive something with such underlying concept but in a more physical sense. You think it’s impossible? Well, think again.

Knitting is a technique practiced over centuries and centuries of turning mere yarns and various threads into useful garments. Giving personally knitted garments may be the best gift you could ever give out to somebody. At least, this way, they would know for sure that it is made especially for them ñ intended for their size and their colour preference.

Knitting is sometimes associated with crocheting but in reality and methods utilised, they are entirely different. Knitting uses multiple active stitches at once while crochet only uses one. Knitting can be done both manually (by hand) or with the aid of a machine. However, manual knitting is most of the times preferred for it can manipulate innumerable designs and styles. This craft also makes use of numerous knitting tools to make the process easier and smoother. Here are some of them:

Knitting Pattern: For beginners, a pattern may just be the most important knitting tools to help them get started. Choose patterns that are equivalent to you level of expertise. You can either go for multicoloured ones to even plain single colour patterns.

Knitting Needles: Knitting patterns often dictate which size of needles is to be used. However, it is still best to keep spare larger or smaller needle sizes just in case you may need to make the stitches tighter or looser. Common types are made out of metal, bamboo, and wood.

Yarn: This comes in a wide array of choices in all sizes and colours. It will still be appropriate to follow what’s on your pattern but experimenting on colour and texture would also be applicable and more unique.

Scissors: Always keep a pair of scissors handy. It is one of the most essential knitting tools and is also used for all sewing activities.

These are all the basic knitting tools that you will need to get you started. However, along with these tools, some people would also indulge in countless knitting materials to make the habit more fun and pleasurable. Colourful needle holders are amongst the favourite. What do you think? Nothing is wrong with making it more interesting, right?

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