How to Knit a Stylish Women’s Turban

Today’s knitting video tutorial is brought to us by knitting enthusiast Christine of iKnit Patterns, who shares her knitting tips, tricks and patterns on her iKNITS channel on YouTube.

In this particular video Christine shows us how to knit an ultra stylish women’s Turban.

For this project she used this knitting patternby Susan Menashe.

Visit her blog to find out more info about this particular project, and also check out this page on Raverly which gives more detail about this project.

Watch the entire video below, for full instructions.

This video tutorial was created by Christine of iKNITS. I encourage you to watch more of her super videos, and subscribe to her channel on YouTube by clicking here.

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  1. To say bring wool over when changing from knit to purl misleading. To put wool over is over the needle making a sttitch. It would be better to say bring wool under the right hand needle to rhe front, or just say bring the wool to the front.

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