How to Knit a Herringbone Cowl (in 1 Hour!)

The knitting video tutorial we’re featuring today is brought to us by one of the knitting experts at, a website created by and for crafts enthusiasts, which provides tools and online classes, to help you excel in your craft… including knitting of course!

In this particular video Craftsy knitting expert presents to us a project which can be completed in 1 hour! This particular project is for a Herringbone Cowl.

The pattern for this project is available for free, and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Watch the entire video below, for full instructions.

This video tutorial was created by one of the knitting experts at I enourage you to visit the website to access various free knitting patterns and get inspiration for your next knitting project!

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  1. Thank you that was very interesting now as l understood yuo do 1 row k2tog from the back and only drop the first st the whole row and the back row instead of k the 2tog from the back you knit them from the front is this correct please .thank you Mary

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