Stylish Knits to Wear (Free Patterns)

Stylish Knits to Wear (Free Patterns)

Hello Happy Knitters!

Today we bring that special something just for you. Here’s to thinking about what project to start for YOU! Yes, you! Or for one of your favorite people in your world. She is going to love her new gift.

We have a variety of winter warmers for all ages and tastes.

Now tuck in and Download your FREE patterns today.

Bernat Cocoon Cardigan

This super casual but stylish Irish Moss Stitch Pattern Cardigan will keep you warm this festive season, knitted in Bernat Roving with a multitude of colours to pick from. The skillset is preferably Intermediate.

Extremely versatile and looks fabulous with denim jeans or a dress and it’s up to you if you go for an ‘oversized look’ or a ‘trimmer fitting’. As well as feeling soft, dreamy and snug it is lush and the look is enhanced with soft and thick yarn which Bernat Roving is known for. A perfect choice of yarn for this relaxed looking Cardi.

Start your huggable Bernat Cocoon Cardigan project today. It will be a favorite for years to come. You’ll be sure to make another in another colour!

Everything you need to make your new project is included in this kit! Time to get stitching, and don’t forget to share your progress!

Check the care instructions for your new Cardigan: 

  • Hand Wash in Cool Water
  • Tumble Dry on a Gentle Setting 
  • Dry Flat
  • Do Not Iron

Patons Reversible Ribbed Knit Poncho

Why not knit this reversible poncho which never ages, it is easily mixed and matched with layers YOU can pop it on over your winter outfits, like the cherry on the cake. 

This project requires a beginner level skillset so there’s nothing to stop the absolute beginner. The pattern is easy to follow and everything needed is included in the kit!

The chosen Yarn is Patons Classic Wool Worsted is a 100% wool yarn quality will shine and it is yet soft but thick and durable. There are many stunning shades to choose from which offers you a perfect excuse to knit a few Ponchos in many shades, one for each day of the week depending on your mood.

Your new reversible poncho hangs naturally around you, giving you the sensation similar to being hugged lovingly. The slit on the sleeves shows off the item of clothing underneath whilst the cable knit, adds character which matches a casual outfit or elegant.

Here is the absolutely free pattern.

Patons Long Weekend Knit Cardigan

This is a super easy knit for the beginner knitter whilst being eye-catching and perfect for those colder days. Knitted in our Patons Classic Wool Worsted Yarn which is soft, easy to work with and is 100% wool of which you will be thankful for on those frosty days.

Be yourself & feel yourself in our Patons Long Weekend Knit Cardi. With many vibrant and deep and warm winter colours you will definitely find one (or two ) to suit your personality. It’s a breeze to knit this up and will leave you with the confidence to whip up a few more. The style comes in long and short versions and so easy to mix and match with items from your own wardrobe and change the look by adding scarfs and hats. A very versatile item made with your own hands.

The pattern is easy to follow and to top that off everything you need for your new project is included in the pattern.

So download the free pattern today to start

Take great care of your garment:

  • Wash in Cool Water 
  • Do Not Iron
  • Dry Flat
  • Do Not Bleach

It’s time to get Knitting!!

Bernat Easy-Going Knit Pullover

This is a perfect Snuggle Jumper! Made by Yarnspiration.

This is a Pullover you will be pulling over you with a smile on your face and your body can relax inside the luxuriously soft knit sweater. 

It is made with BernatRoving Yarn which is a thick yarn making it easy to use and therefore helping you to knit this treat fast so you can wear it sooner. The skill set is ‘easy’ so what’s stopping you? Even if your not a beginner knitter this will take you no time at all.

Kristen skillfully runs you through the pattern which is made easier being colour coded, your new project is mixed with twisted ribbing on the cuff and textured pattern for the body of the pullover & is worked from the bottom up, finished with a comfy cowl neck.

Download the free pattern now!

Extra items that you will need to pick up:

  • 2 stitch holders
  • US 10.5 mm Needle with Cable 
  • tape measure

Patons Honeycomb Aran

This beauty shouts Classic and Casual all at the same time.

This sweater is chunky and very warm created with our Patons Classic Wool Worsted of 100% pure wool. It will be your first choice of clothing on those frosty and snow-filled days.

Are you thinking of knitting it for a friend? Daughter? Or mother? Let me tell you now, she’s going to love it and wear it for many years to come.

Grab your free pattern and get started on this Intermediate-level project today.

Do not forget to buy the few extra items you need for your project! Take a look at the list of supplies that aren’t included in your kit.

The kit does not include:

  • Cable needle
  • 5 stitch holders

Patons Knit Envelope Cardigan

Are you ready to Knit this Dainty little piece!

An easy ‘throw on’ Knitted Envelope Cardigan, suitable for any attire and function. You will find yourself keep reaching out for it, ideal for the casual and office attire over your favorite blouse. Knitted in one of our favorite winter yarns which is known for keeping out that cold bite on winter days. Patons Classic Wool Worsted Yarn is soft and chunky which is 100% wool therefore not as many layers are needed to keep warm.

In no time at all your easy Envelope Cardigan will be ready to wear. Thinking of knitting some to gift to your special people? They will adore them and think of you whenever they ‘Don’ their Dainty Cardi.

This garment is knit in two separate pieces and later stitched together. Stitched in ribbing and Irish moss stitch with a shawl collar. The pattern is wonderfully colour coded so it’s easy to follow and you will also need to pick up a cable needle is needed and one stitch marker.

Included in the free pattern are several unique style outfits, so you can see how it looks with a totally different set of clothes, it gives you a better idea of how you can fit it into your particular wardrobe.

You will definitely love your new project!

Red Heart Big Comfy Sweater

This stunning sweater is from the Marly Bird Channel by Red Heart Yarns!

Knit an easy, relaxed and amazing looking all-season sweater using Red Heart Fashion Soft.

Using a combination of knit and purl, ribbing, stockinette, and a cool ridge. The sweater is knit in two identical pieces, You will need a circular needle to hold all the stitches, so once stitched the two pieces are seamed together to complete the sweater.

Download your FREE pattern here.

Check out the instructions to care for your new sweater:

  • Wash In Cool Water
  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Dry Flat

Please leave your comments or questions below! We would love to see your photos of your finished projects.

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