Fair Isle Turtleneck Sweater

Video Tutorial: Fair Isle Turtleneck Sweater

Today we are bringing into the comfort of your own home a Video Tutorial from Caddy Knits and Yarnspirations. Get your free pattern here.

This Fair Isle Turtleneck Sweater is ‘Seamless’, Literally!!

The sleeves are knit separately then grafted into the sweater with the circular needle when the fair isle begins. How cool is that!!

The skill level is for an Intermediate knitter, although I am sure there are a few tricks you will pick up along the way whilst working on this project! It is not just an ordinary LUSH and COSY knitted sweater that looks amazing when the days are a bit chilly.

To top it all off is this delightful, warm and snug turtleneck !!!!

Followed by the yoke with the stylish fair isle knitted pattern, the body of the sweater is knit and purl whilst the rim of the sweater and sleeves are cable stitch. As directed in the pattern you will need double-pointed needles and a circular needle to complete this project.

Caddy begins by showing  the pattern and explaining the easiest and most efficient way to read and follow it with ease. The fair isle has two choices of colour design for you to decide which you prefer. Although knitting one of each is the way to go!

The chosen Yarn is Caron and Pantone which is 60% acrylic, 20% marino wool and 20% nylon, the colour scheme is ‘mushroom greige’ and ‘morning blues’.

NOTE: The Morning Blues Yarn is interwoven and needs to be unraveled. There is a separate tutorial on the Yarnspirations channel showing you how to undo the color braid and wind the separate colors into balls.

Caddy has a few smart tricks up her sleeve to show you, simple but effective. You will see how she separates the yarn balls by placing them into small plastic bags, so as the sweater commences the yarn doesn’t become tangled enabling the knitter to do the job with less hassle.

Please enjoy the video tutorial and your project ‘Fair Isle turtleneck sweater’.

I would love to see your finished sweater, feel free to post a photo or a comment.

Happy Knitting !!

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