Knitting Socks: Tips to Getting Started

How many times have you thought of knitting a sock but just don’t know where to start? Or probably you’re amongst the many that lacks the courage to begin. When you think about the turning of the heels, do you tremble with fear just like the most? Don’t fuss and fret, help is on the way.

A huge number of the population wish they could start knitting socks but are just extremely terrified of its complexity. Yes, it may look hard and confusing at first especially if you are working with multiple needles. The rule of the thumb is just trust, trust in yourself and trust in your pattern. It will work! Although they might look intricate and daunting, they are in fact the most reasonable items to knit.

One very important aspect of knitting socks is the sock weight. If you’re having trouble with it, you may start with yarns on size 1 or 2. Practice and the repetition of work are the 2 key elements in knitting socks. Cast on sample miniature stitches just until you’re comfortable enough with the evenness of your stitches. Basic sock patterns are also widely available on knitting stores, something plain and simple would be a good start. Once you’ve decided on the pattern that you will be using and the yarn that you have chosen, then it will really be easy to get your socks started.

There is no perfect way on knitting socks, but there are only ideals. Some would prefer working with several needles while others only on two. Others may hold the needles in such a way opposite to yours. But however they make it work, the end product and the experience you gain from it are what matters the most.

The most critical number that you will need is the circumference of the calf. If you want to have a sock that fits snugly, subtract 25% on the total measurement of the calf. For example, if it measures 10 inches, deduct 25% on it to make it just 7.5 inches. To turn this ordinary measurement into significant knitting number, simple multiply it with your yarn’s gauge per inch. You can then round the total number up to achieve an even number.

You may find knitting socks uneasy at first, but trust me on this one, you’ll find fulfilment on the day you first completed one. For so many years you have dreamt on finishing one, so why wait for another year?

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