How To Make An Italian Cast-On With Tubular Set-Up

In this video Liat Gat, of Knitting Superstar, shows us how to easily make an Italian cast-on with tubular set-up: invisible 1×1 rib cast-on.

The Italian cast-on makes a stretchy invisible edge that blends perfectly into 1×1 ribbing. The trick is the stitches that are used in the cast-on.

With a normal long-tail cast-on, the stitches that go on the needle are knit stitches, with a chain of stitches around the bottom to hold them together.

With the Italian cast-on, you actually cast on a knit stitch and then a purl stitch (I show you how in the video), thereby avoiding any line or separation when you start ribbing.

Watch the entire video below for the full method and istructions!

This video tutorial was created and is brought to you by Liat Gat, the web’s premier knitting instructor, who is also the creator of the most comprehesive video knitting course around: Become a Knitting Superstar.

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  1. I did enjoy this tutorial very much. She explains each step clearly & she demonstrates each step slowly & repeats each step. I am eager to attempt this Italian cast on. Thank you.

  2. I didn’t like it . I felt she should have cast on in plain stitch knitted behind stitch for the first row , then maybe went on two the rib stitch ?

  3. I look forward to trying this ribbed cast on. Question: Is it possible to do a 2×2 rib cast on with this method?

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