How to Knit a Blanket

In today’s knitting video tutorial we’re showcasing one of the knitting videos created by HowCast, which you can also view through their YouTube channel, which includes a wide variety of instructional videos about many hobbies and crafts.

This particular tutorial features a knitting expert who shares with us how to knit a gorgeous and cuddly blanket. In a nutshell, this video demonstrated the following steps: (1) Determine the size you want; (2) Make a slip knot; (3) Cast on; (4) Continue looping; (5) Switch hands; (6) Make new stitches; (7) Build rows; (8) Cast off.

Visit this post on HowCast which provides much more details about this particular project which is being showcased in the video below, including numbered written instructions.

So if you’ve always wanted to knit yourself a blanket, watch the video below and follow the instructions!

This video tutorial was created by HowCast. I encourage you to watch more of their great videos, and subscribe to their channel on YouTube by clicking here.

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