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Cosy Up in Your Own Creations! (9 Free Knitt Patterns for Blankets & Afghans)

9 Free Knitting Patterns for Afghan Blankets

Blankets and afghans are possibly the most satisfying items to knit.

They are certainly perfect for making right now. Imagine cosying up in your own hand made blanket during these cold winter months, a cup of cocoa by your side and perhaps a new knitting project on your needles…bliss!

Knit blankets and afghans also make the most beautiful and unique gifts. Any new parent would love to receive a hand made blanket for their cherished newborn. Such pieces become beloved heirlooms to pass down to further generations.

A hand made afghan or blanket would be an incredibly useful and thoughtful gift for an older relative. Perfect for special occasions and also to show how much you are thinking of them during the cold, winter months.

We have been searching the internet to bring you the best free knitting patterns for blankets and afghans.

Read on to find out more!

Here are our picks of 9 free knitting patterns for cosy blankets and afghans:

1. Bernat Mystery Afghan

Bernat Mystery Afghan

This stunning afghan is made up of a series of varying pattern blocks.

What is unique about this free knitting pattern is that each block increases in difficulty as you progress. This helps you to develop your knitting skills and keeps the project fun and interesting.

The afghan is also absolutely stunning and you can choose your colours to match the scheme of your home decor.

Why not work on this project with a friend? Sharing photos of your project would be great fun, especially during the winter time when you may not be able to get out and about very often.

Let us know what you think about that idea in our comments section!

2. Jalisco

Jalisco by DROPS Design

Jalisco is a beautiful and cheerful rainbow blanket by Drops Design.

This design is knit in chunky yarn and uses a variety of stitches to give the blanket a stylish and luxurious finish.

It is an easy to knit afghan which incorporates moss stitch, stripes and fringe detailing.

If you wish, you can work up this free knitting pattern in one colour. The choice is yours!

Like this knitting pattern? Please leave us a comment below.

3. Simple Striped Afghan

Simple Striped Afghan by Lion Brand

You will love the free knitting pattern for this simple striped afghan!

This design is knit in chunky yarn and has a rating of beginner plus. The use of both moss stitch and stocking stitch gives this blanket an elegant and stylish finish.

Let us know what you think about this elegant knitting pattern, we would love to hear from you!

4. Patons Cable Knit Blanket

Patons Knit Cable Blanket

This is a richly textured, absolutely stunning cable blanket which works up fairly quickly in Patons Sheland Chunky yarn.

This free knitting pattern is suitable for knitters who are of intermediate level. It would make the most exquisite gift and is a great blanket that would be treasured for years to come.

If you enjoy working with cables, this cable knit blanket pattern is perfect for you!

We would love to hear from you if you make it!

5. Warm Hug

Warm Hug by DROPS Design

Do you need a warm hug? So do we, and here it is in the form of a stunning free knitting pattern.

This afghan design is a really interesting knit. Made using 5mm needles, it is made up of series of squares, each with varying stitch patterns. The finished garment looks nothing short of stunning and this would make an amazing gift.

This afghan would also look amazing in your living room or bedroom and is perfect for cosying up in on cold, wintry days.

Do you prefer to knit blankets and afghans in one large piece or do you like to sew up squares patchwork style? Our readers would love to read your comments!

6. Lily Sugar ’n Cream Striped Blanket

Lily Sugar 'N Cream Striped Blanket

This free blanket knitting pattern is ideal for anyone who prefers to knit up large pieces rather than having to sew up squares at the end.

This colourful blanket is made from varying textures and colours and is a real work of art to display in your home.

This beautiful knitting design is so stylish and will make you feel happy every time you look at it. It will, of course, also make sure that you stay cosy when it is freezing cold outside.

Let us know what you think of this blanket in the comments below.

7. Spring Connection

Spring Connection by DROPS Design

We love knitting this style of afghan and we are sure that you will too!

Worked in blocks of different colours, you turn the work in the direction shown in the chart to build the most stunning garment that everyone will admire.

This free knitting pattern will help you to create your own snuggly afghan to cosy up with in style!

Making the Spring Connect Afghan? Let us know how it is going by writing a comment below.

8. Lakeside Afghan

Lakeside Afghan by Lion Brand

Changing colours is easy in this free blanket knitting pattern, which is worked in a self striping cake yarn.

Easy to knit garter stitch is the key stitch pattern in this cosy and soft blanket.

It has the most lovely drape and would be perfect for gifting, or for keeping yourself for snuggling up into on cold days.

Let us know what you think of this blanket in the comments below.

9. Bernat Graphic Gridwork Afghan and Pillow

Bernat Graphic Gridwork Afghan

Here we have a free knitting pattern for a modern and sophisticated gridwork afghan which has a matching pillow.

The afghan and pillow contain pops of colour which look contemporary and oh so stylish.

Worked in Bernat Super Value yarn, the colour options are vast and you can use your creativity to make a beautiful, unique piece that everyone will greatly admire.

What colours would you choose to knit this afghan? Let us know in the comments below.

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