3 Must Have Fashion Knitting Pieces

Knitting has certainly taken a great new twist as it continually evolves through the years. It originally started out merely as a functional piece of clothing that offers superior warmth and comfort amid the stinging cold of winter, especially for fishermen who set out to sea. Today, fashion knitting is not only limited to bulky sweaters and comfy socks, but it has also invaded the world of fashion accessories ushering in a dazzling array of colours and striking designs to cater every feminine whim and fancy.

A quick look at the trend in the fashion scene for the past decade would let you in on the same conclusion that knitted products have never quite gone out of style and have resolutely kept apace with the contemporary styles and designs of basic fashion requirements.

So what are the best chic accessories to look out for that are purely a product of fashion knitting? Here’s a list that you might want to add to your wardrobe collection and introduce a whole new element that you can easily mix and match with other existing outfits:

1. Hats

Any fashion forward individual would readily concede that hats definitely contribute to the total look of a personal, and also provides a stunning accent to any outfit. So if you cant quite find the right headgear to complement your style, then you might want to check out the array of trendy knitted hats have in store for you. Aside from the choice of myriad of colors, this knitted accessory is available in different styles that you can choose from. Among the popular choices are the felted beret, luxe hat, Norwegian Braid hat, Scalloped Juliet hat, and even a number of bonnets that can easily fit the head of both male and female.

2. Shawls

If there’s one must have elegant piece of fashion knitting product that every woman should have, it’s a shawl that never fails to have that effect of understated sophistication. There are actually a number of designs that can choose from when it comes to knitted shawls, from ponchos, stoles, scarves and capes with fringes and ruffles to cater to every preference. Some of the famous designer brands choose to incorporate minks with knitted shawls, which certainly add for character to the design.

3. Bags

Tired to the all too formal look of leather? Then it’s about time to experiment with the more casual look of knitted bags that never seems to fail becoming an eye-catching accessory and adds a burst of colour to any ensemble.

The art of fashion knitting has definitely outdone itself through the years and have continued to provide a wonderful blend of old world charm and contemporary chic.

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