A Simple Guide To Basic Knitting

There are some people who simply find themselves all thumbs and fingers when it comes to the seemingly uncomplicated task of sewing. It won’t be surprising to know that these individuals would probably approach knitting with the same wary hesitation and misgiving given the fact that they are not nimble with their fingers when it comes to wielding those tiny and slim piece of metal we know as needles. However, learning basic knitting instructions are actually quite simple than one would care to anticipate. In fact, you will probably be surprised as how you will be able to learn making a few simple loops in just a matter of minutes.

To help you get started, you need to gather up some basic knitting materials, which would naturally include the yarn and the special hook that is usually used for this craft. When shopping for yarns, you need to know that there are actually a variety of choices available for you, depending on the degree of thickness that you require or prefer for your knitting project. The number of ply means the number of strands that are carefully twisted together to create a sturdy yarn, while the fiber content would tell you if it’s synthetic or natural. If you prefer for longer lasting materials, then it would be wiser to invest on natural yarns as synthetics have more tendency to wear away faster.

However, it is still best to check on the specific basic knitting pattern that you will be working on since it would naturally indicate the type of yarn it would require. So instead of simply purchasing a ball of yarn off the rack, carefully check the material, as it will basically dictate the longevity and the appearance of the finished product.

The steel hook that is used in knitting offers a range of size that can easily get you confused, especially if you don’t have any firsthand knowledge on the difference of the indicated number found in the middle. If you will decide on working with wool yarns, then its best to choose the larger circular knitting needles. If you are not quite sure which size to pick, then don’t hesitate to ask for assistance to the store attendant who can possibly give you a more educated advise.

It would also be more sensible to pick out basic knitting instructions that feature some illustrations so you can easily follow every step without too much problem. There are a number of online sites that offer instructional guide to basic knitting stitches such as the knit stitch and the purl stitch.

Have fun on your very first project!

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  1. Good day and thank you for all the tips and patterns. Can you perhaps tell me which size to use when knitting. The bust size or the all round size and what is the difference. My bust is 107cm but my patterns states that if I knit a bust size of 107 cm the all round is 112cm and then the cardigan looks like a bag on me…. if I knit the size smaller then it is only 102cm all round…… I don’t know which one is correct.

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