Warm Up With Stylish Headbands (Free Patterns)

The cold breezy weather is whistling outside, Can you feel it in the air? The season where a mug of coffee and blazing fireplace is perfect plus some matching and stylish outfits to keep you warm for the cold weather.

So while the wind blows and the weather gets colder and colder, we’ve put together a list of best stylish headband patterns that you can create to give you warmth while maintaining a fashionable hairstyle.


No. 1 on the list is the red heart sporty headband, Check the free pattern here to see everything you need to make your new knitting project. This headband is easy-to-follow, perfect for beginners. It is comfortable to wear and fits your sporty outerwear.


Upgrading your skills in knitting? This crisscross headband is ideal for you! Download the Free Pattern by clicking this link. This headband will enhance the frame of your face and intensifying your beauty.


This red heart squishy knit headband will complete your outfit of the day for the cold weather! Warm-up in a styling way matching this cutie headband. Make sure to get the Free pattern to get started in your newest knitting project.


Spicing up your style? Try this silky soft knit headband! This headband is an unbelievably smooth velvety texture that will keep your ears warm. A classic fall accessory. Get your Free Pattern here.

Charlotte Gloves and Headband

Today we are also featuring this cable-style headband by Knit Rowan for the coming cold months. Charlotte headband is made perfect using luxury cocoon yarn. It can also be used as an accessory on Coachella inspired parties. Download your Free Pattern on this link.

Rosette Headband

Get the Free pattern for this delicate headband that you can finish within 2 hours. Rosette headband is brought to us by www.knitpicks.com – it requires only a small number of stitches, which can be an excellent opportunity for you to practice your grafting skills.

Chain Link Headband Pattern

Worry no more if your headband doesn’t fit you perfectly, Chainlink headband has an adjustable rib section, so ensure that you will wear it comfortably perfect! You can find the Free pattern here and get started.

If you haven’t tried to knit headbands, give it a try! Make sure to tag us on your next collection of accessories for cold weather.

We would like to know if you found the perfect knitting headband pattern in the list above. Share your comments below.

You could also leave a message for suggestions of knitting patterns. Happy Knitting Day!

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  1. I’m wanting to down load the free patterns for the head bands but can’t work out how to do it. Can you help please.

    1. To access the free patterns simply click on the link to the pattern you are interested in; that will bring you to the page where you can access and print the pattern too!

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