Video tutorial: How to knit bobbles

Hello Knitters !!

So pleased to be here again and this week we’re learning how to create the popular ‘Bobble Stitch’. Knit artist Morgan Wolterdorf demonstrates how to knit Bobbles on this video tutorial.

The tutorial is from her Blueprint original series Knit Meets Knot alongside Vincent Green-Hite also appears with his crochet skills. They make a great team showing their proven skills and craftwork in their series ‘Blueprint’

Here’s the link to watch the whole series

Once you have got the basic knitting technique in hand and you’re happy with your progress you will want to add knitting variety to your projects. Bobbles are fun and add that extra finesse and character to your knitted items. Being able to use different knit stitches is also the key to an avid knitter and allows you to knit a wider variety of complex designs and start being more creative with your projects. Turning them into your pieces of art.

So that is why this week we are focusing on ‘How to knit the Bobble Stitch’

This fantastic online resource should NOT be missed. The clear well explained video tutorial which can be repeatedly replayed until you feel totally comfortable with the bobble stitch which makes it such a great resource for that extra help in creating the designs you want. As well as tutorials, they offer so much more. Take a look and learn your way to creativity and confidence. Everyone ( including YOU ) will Love your work.

So don’t delay and start today.

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