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Q&A: What is the oldest knitting stitch?

Have you ever wondered what the oldest knitting stitch could be? We have too! In fact, we dove deep into the roots of ancient knitting techniques and found some intriguing facts. In our post today, we’re going to unravel the mystery behind the age-old knitting stitches and their origins.

So stick around; an exciting journey through knitting history awaits you!

The Oldest Knitting Stitch

The Oldest Knitting Stitch

The history of knitting is as intricate and interwoven as the stitches themselves. Many historians believe that the oldest stitch could possibly be a method known as “Nålbindning” or knotless netting, which is thought to have originated in the Middle East.

Evidence of this technique can be traced back to hand-knitted artifacts from ancient Egypt.

Yet, some argue that it’s hard to pin down the true origin due to knitting’s mysterious beginnings. It wasn’t until during the Islamic rule when double-needle knitting became prevalent across Europe.

This style allowed for more complex designs and patterns, leading way for colorful knitted pieces that we often see today.

While several theories exist about where exactly knitting started, it’s clear it began long before Queen Elizabeth I rejected the first knitting machine invention in favor of handmade knitted stockings.

From Egyptian tombs to Tudor courts and beyond, each phase of history added a new layer to this rich tapestry.

Before you go…

Pinpointing the exact oldest knitting stitch is a challenge due to the mysterious origins of this craft. However, evidence suggests that handknitted artifacts and knitted socks from ancient times provide insight into the early techniques used.

Whether it was through doubleneedle knitting in Middle Eastern cultures or the invention of knitting machines during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, knitting has evolved over time with various stitches and patterns.

Exploring the rich history of knitting allows us to appreciate its longevity and continued popularity in modern times.


1. What is considered to be the oldest knitting stitch?

The garter stitch is believed to be the oldest knitting stitch, dating back centuries. It is created by knitting every row, resulting in a textured fabric.

2. Are there any historical references to the oldest knitting stitch?

There are references to early forms of knitting in various ancient civilizations, such as Egypt and Peru, but specific mentions of the garter stitch as the oldest are limited.

3. How has the oldest knitting stitch evolved over time?

While the basic concept of the garter stitch remains unchanged, different techniques and patterns have developed over time to create more intricate designs using this simple stitch.

4. Can I incorporate the oldest knitting stitch into modern projects?

Absolutely! The garter stitch can be used for a wide range of projects, from scarves and blankets to garments and accessories. It provides a classic look that never goes out of style.

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