Q&A: How do you knit a crocodile stitch?

Q&A: How do you knit a crocodile stitch?

Ever tried knitting a crocodile stitch but ended up with something that looked more like an ‘abstract’ creation than a textured motif? We’ve been there too, and we realized it’s not the easiest technique to master.

That’s why we’re here to guide you through each step of creating a perfect crocodile stitch. Ready to transform your knitting skills? Keep reading!

Q&A: How do you knit a crocodile stitch?

Steps to Knit a Crocodile Stitch

We’re now going to break down how you knit a crocodile stitch, an unusual knitting technique that adds a textured motif to your projects.

  1. Choose the yarn and needles: Select the appropriate yarn and needles for your project, ranging from knitting a blanket or scarf to creating a hat or pair of booties.
  2. Set up the foundation row: Begin with an even number of chains, this forms what we call a foundation row.
  3. Start the first knit scale stitch: Make two double knits into the fourth chain from the hook.
  4. Form the rest of the scales: Use pointed needle tips to make multiple stitches along one side of a post from previous round to form half of your scale design.
  5. Complete other half of scale: For second half, work same stitches on opposite side of same post creating symmetrical halves.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5: Continue these steps across each row until you reach desired length or width.
  7. Finish your piece: When satisfied with dimensions, cast off using preferred method.

Video Tutorial

Before you go…

Knitting a crocodile stitch can add an extra touch of texture and uniqueness to your projects. With the right pattern and tutorial, you can easily master this intricate technique.

So grab your needles, and create stunning pieces like blankets, hats, scarves, or even mermaid tails that will leave everyone in awe! Happy stitching!


1. What is the crocodile stitch in knitting?

The crocodile stitch is a textured stitch pattern in knitting that creates a scale-like effect. It is often used to create unique and decorative elements in various projects such as blankets, scarves, and accessories.

2. How do you knit the crocodile stitch?

To knit the crocodile stitch, you typically start with a base row of double knit stitches or another suitable foundation row. Then, you work multiple rows of shells or scales by alternating between single and double knit stitches to create the desired texture.

3. Are there any specific techniques or stitches required for knitting the crocodile stitch?

Knitting the crocodile stitch may require familiarity with basic knitting techniques such as chain stitches, slip stitches.

4. Where can I find patterns or tutorials for knitting the crocodile stitch?

There are many resources available online where you can find knitting patterns and tutorials for knitting the crocodile stitch.

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