How to Knit the Popcorn Stitch (Instructions on Video)

Hello! This week we’re taking a look at a popular stitch, one that will really improve how much detail you can add into your knitting project. Whether you’re happy with the knitting skills you already have or you’re always on the lookout for something new, we’d recommend learning to knit the popcorn stitch. Though it is often considered to be one of the more basic knitting stitches, a lot of knitters struggle to pick it up.

Being able to knit using different types of stitches is the key to being a good knitter; not only does it allow you to knit better and more competently, but it also allows you to knit a wider variety of designs. After all, we’ve all started out with a basic stitch and big ideas only to find that it left us extremely limited in what we can and cannot knit. However, by taking the time to learn other stitches, you’re automatically opening the door to being able to knit more complex and impressive items. The more skills you know the better the knitter you can become, isn’t that right? That is why we’ve chosen to focus on ‘How to Knit the Popcorn Stitch’ this week.

You can watch the video below:

This video is from, a fantastic online resource for those who love knitting. Learning to knit or bettering your already existing expertise involves a lot of different techniques and skills, and the popcorn stitch is just one of them. The popcorn stitch is used largely in crochet and though it is considered a relatively basic stitch, it does take a little time to get the hang of. So, it’s always useful to watch a video tutorial like the one from to ensure you’re on the right check. Once you’ve got your head around the popcorn stitch, it can be used to create impressive texture in whatever you are knitting.

As well as providing impressive knitting video tutorials also offers kits, packs, patterns, yarns and tools online; it’s a real ‘one stop shop’ for the knitting community. If you’re looking for a specific product or you need a little bit of inspiration for your next knitting project, we’d recommend checking out

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