Basic Knitting Patterns: An Overview

Knitting has been around for countless years. It made a great deal of a change along with time. The precise history and country of origin are still unknown. But regardless of its unidentified beginnings, what we know for sure is that it has been rapidly established as a craft, a craft still practiced up until today.

There are several knitting essentials that are needed to be acquired in order for you to accomplish one. The three basic necessities are knitting patterns, knitting needles, and yarn. But amongst the 3, the knitting patterns may just be the most important thing for beginners.

Knitting patterns serve as a guide and outline of structure to help you get started. It also shows you which particular needle to use and suggests the type of thread to utilise. Knitting patterns are available from the simplest up to the grandest designs. When choosing a pattern, be sure to select the ones according to your level of expertise. Although experimentation is a good way to exhibit proficiency, but unless you are quite confident with your knitting skills, you might as well just stick to the ones on the pattern.

Here are some of the most famous knitting patterns:

Stockinet Pattern

This maybe one of the easiest and the most versatile of all knitting stitches being practiced, but unfortunately it doesn’t get as much credits compared to its more famous counterparts. It is considered as a classic for its elegant and classy finish. In fact, at the advent of other more complex patterns, a lot of knitters would still prefer stockinet due to its neat results.

Garter Pattern

Garter stitch may just be one of the most useful stitches out there. It has been mastered by numerous knitters because not only is it very easy but it can also be used for several projects.

Moss Pattern

Moss Stitch is a very cute and pleasurable pattern to knit. It is characterised by tiny bunches of elevated and raised stitches that resembles a moss. It is a very fun design that is also very easy to complete.


This is also one of the easiest knitting patterns out there. It is composed of small blocks and loops of knits and purls. The interesting part is, once you have the idea on your mind, you can then manipulate the sizes of each block.

Knitting patterns may be useful to beginners but it is not only them who utilise it. Even experienced knitters make use of these lovely patterns to make attractive knitted designs.

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