3 Most Essential Knitting Concepts

If you have been planning to start knitting for years and just don’t have the courage to begin, don’t fret because you are not alone. In fact a huge percentage of women are also interested in this craft but just really don’t know where and how to start. If you have the same queries, worry no more because knitting help is on the way.

Knitting has been the pastime of women ever since you and I were born. Don’t be deceived by the hearsay that knitting is just for the older people because they really aren’t. People who say that are those who are afraid to explore the world of knitting. Some may say that it is hard and very confusing. At first, it may be. Imagine working with multiple needles and counting off the stitches. Just like any other craft, it takes practice and constant exposure to get the gist of it.

If you search for knitting help and info you will find that there are 3 most essential procedures that need to be mastered or at least be familiar with. It is the casting on, the first row, and the binding off.

Casting On

This will serve as your very first stitch. Some may refer to it as the slip knot but most experienced knitters claim that casting on and making a slip knot is not the same. Although different, the main sense is pretty much the same.

The First Row

This is the most critical part of your entire stitch. This serves as the deciding row which contributes mainly in your accomplishment. This may be very hard to pull of at first but once you have made it through the first row, everything will be a breeze for you. Be sure to make tight stitches because the first row will be one edge of your fabric.

Binding Off

Binding off is the term used to finish up or famously referred to as the final stitch. It serves as the so-called lock in the entire knitting stitches that you have done. Be sure to pay extra attention to this one for it can cause the fall of the stitches if not properly done. It needs to be securely tight.

If you still are confused or stuck in the middle of a stitch and don’t know what to do, don’t panic! There are tons of knitting help information that you can gather online in the comforts of your own home. Knitting help is almost anywhere so don’t be terrified to commit a mistake, help will always be on its way.

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  1. I am just now learning I have not made a stitch yet just been counting putting stitches on one time! I have been crocheting a little while but now I want to try knitting too!

  2. I would say that binding off should not be tight! I often use larger needles to bind off, because otherwise it is too easy to pull the stitches too tightly which ruins to look of the article and pulls it out of shape. It also makes it difficult to sew the bound off edge to another piece of knitting.

  3. I totally love to knit………..I love the fact that you start with two sticks, a strand of yarn and come up with an afghan, a sweater, a scarf, a hat or any number of things. It totally amazes me that I can make something with my own two hands, two sticks and a strand of yarn.

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