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7 Cozy Women’s Jackets (Free Knitting Patterns)

8 Free Knitting Patterns for Women's Jackets

Women’s jackets are the perfect year round knit accessory. They provide extra warmth in Winter, and in Spring and Autumn they can be worn in place of a heavy outdoor coat.

Soft, cozy and stylish, hand knit women’s jackets are the ultimate must have garment for everyone. Keep reading to see our selection of gorgeous free knitting patterns for 7 absolutely stunning women’s jackets.

Here are our picks of 7 free knitting patterns for super stylish knit jackets for women:

1. Sunsets Glow Jacket

The Sunsets Glow Jacket is a must have fashion garment for every woman, available in sizes S to XXXL. This free knitting pattern is knit in Drops Alpaca, a luxurious and sophisticated yarn. It is knit from the top down and has beautiful looking garter stitch stripes.

Please do let us know in the comments below if you give this free knitting a try.

2. Forest Vines Jacket

One of our favourites, the Forest Vines Jacket features a glorious, textured pattern on the round yoke.

You can knit this free pattern in either Drops Alpaca or Drops Kid-Silk. Both of these yarns will make people stop and ask you where you bought your wonderful jacket. When you reply that you made it yourself, everyone will be incredibly impressed. The Forest Vines Jacket is worked from the top down and features a double neck design.

Tried it? Let us know!

3. Patons Tweed Jacket

The Patons Tweed Jacket is an easy knitting pattern that is suitable for beginners. It is worked in Patons Shetland Chunky Yarn. You work with two strands held together, meaning that this it is an incredibly fast jacket to knit.

The two stranded knitting technique used in this free knitting pattern also gives a highly attractive tweed-like effect to the piece, and you can choose from several rich, earthy colours.

Like this knitted jacket? Please leave us a comment below.

4. Red Heart Cozy Car Coat

You will love the Red Heart Cozy Car Coat!

It is an incredibly easy knit and works up in record fast time, using super bulky Red Heart Grande Aran yarn. It is a perfect jacket to wear on a brisk walk or for lounging around with a good book in.

This is a knit jacket for everyone, and the free knitting pattern comes in sizes S to 2XL.

Let us know what you think about this awesome knitting pattern, we would love to hear from you!

5. Patons Car Coat with Hood

This is a richly textured, hooded coat which is cosy and warm. This knit jacket is an absolute must have for chilly days.

The Patons Car Coat with Hood has a deep pocket feature, and the free knitting pattern utilises beautiful classic wool roving yarn. This hand knit car coat will leave you feel incredibly proud of your work and you will gain immense pleasure each time you wear it.

The hooded car coat is an incredibly easy knit and works up in record fast time, using super bulky Red Heart Grande Aran yarn. It is a perfect jacket to wear on a brisk walk or for lounging around with a good book in. Any fans of super bulky yarn will fall in love with this beautiful car coat.

We would love to hear from you if you make this jacket!

6. Shawl Collar Jacket

The Shawl Collar Jacket is designed by the oh so stylish Bergere de France wool company. This is an easy to make free knitting pattern which is incredibly cozy and perfect for weekend knitters who are looking for a chic yet casual jacket to craft.

You will need Bergere’s Milou yarn to make this trendy knit jacket. This is a fancy and fuzzy yarn which is also beautifully soft and pleasurable to knit up. Large size buttons give a modern finish to the piece.

Have you used this beautiful yarn before? Our readers would love to read your comments!

7. Cable Jacket

Do you like knitting cables? If so you will love this cable jacket from Bergere de France. This is a stunning knitting pattern which we can’t believe is free!

A design for intermediate knitters, the Cable Jacket free knitting pattern has a slightly flared shape which is oh so flattering. The piece is knit on 6.5mm knitting needles, making it not only stylish, but fast to knit up too!

Let us know what you think of this jacket in the comments below.

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