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The Big List of Free Christmas Knitting Patterns (100+)

With the Holiday Season upon us, it was only appropriate that this month’s free patterns post was dedicated to this special season… Christmas-time!

But first… if you haven’t checked out the free patterns we shared in the past, here’s a quick round-up of what you have missed and where you can find everything: 33 Baby Blankets, 50 Baby Booties, 30 Chunky Blankets and Afghans, 27 Cushion Covers, 20 Tea Cosies, 35 Items for Premature Babies, 6 Patterns for Breast Hats, 60+ Scarf Patterns, 24 Mug Coasters and 27 Washcloths (and some dishcloths too!)

We have rounded up for you one of the, actually THE, biggest list of free knitting patterns we’ve ever published on All 100+ patterns included in the list below, are available for you to access free of charge, and are all Christmas inspired! So whatever type of Holiday Season knitting project you are looking for, you’ll probably find it in the list below. If you are looking for inspiration, then even better, because we’ve got a lot of different suggestions for you.

Whether you’re looking for patterns to make Christmas ornaments, decorations, hats, baby clothes, sweaters, bookmarks and more… you’ll find something to interest you.

To access the different patterns simply click on the different links below. Don’t forget to let us know which ones you have tried and share the photos of your completed projects with us on our Facebook page.

  1. Christmas Stocking
  2. Mini Christmas Stockings
  3. Christmas Tree Dishcloth
  4. First Christmas Pullover Hoodie
  5. Christmas Pud
  6. Bitty Baby Santa Suit
  7. Christmas Stocking
  8. Spunknit’s Knitted Snowman
  9. Christmas Sock for Beginners
  10. Christmas Bells Banner
  11. Christmas Stocking
  12. Christmas Jumpers (For The Entire Family!)
  13. Christmas Balls
  14. Mitered Christmas Blanket
  15. Christmas Stocking (with Reindeer!) Pattern
  16. Reindeer Christmas Cup Cosy
  17. Christmas Stocking
  18. Miss Snowman Ornament
  19. Christmas Tree Hat & Elfin Socks
  20. Santa Claus Christmas Decoration
  21. Christmas Tree Decorations: Tinsel, Baubles and Mini Stockings
  22. Christmas Candy Cane Ornament Knitting Pattern
  23. Christmas Joy Kitchen Hanging Hand Towel
  24. Santa’s Mug Cozy
  25. Christmas Cloth
  26. Classic Christmas Stocking
  27. Christmas Bow Pillow
  28. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament
  29. Christmas Candy-stripe Wrist-warmers
  30. Chilled Wine Garb
  31. Christmas Tree Decoration
  32. Star Afghan
  33. Christmas Parcel
  34. Angel Tree Decoration
  35. Christmas Pud Teacosy
  36. Rudolph Hat
  37. Christmas Wreath Pattern
  38. Jingle Bells Family Hats
  39. Christmas Stars – A Face Cloth
  40. Santa Face And Head Ornament Knitting Pattern
  41. Christmas Wreath
  42. 2 Hour Santa Hat
  43. Christmas Elf
  44. Accessorize Your Snowman
  45. Christmas Love Hearts
  46. Snowman Stocking
  47. Christmas Bear & Cat Baubles
  48. Angel Choir Set
  49. Christmas Beaded Baubles
  50. Polar Bear Knit Ornament
  51. Christmas Baubles
  52. Tree Pillow
  53. Christmas Pudding Dishcloth
  54. Cabled Christmas Wreath Knitting Pattern
  55. Various Christmas Decorations
  56. Knitted Angel Doll
  57. Christmas Tree Decorations
  58. Baby Christmas Hat and Neck Warmer (Sooooooo cute!)
  59. Christmas Topiary Tree Ornament
  60. Santa Hat Pattern
  61. Christmas Tree Gift Card Cozy
  62. Tiny Holiday Sweater Ornament Pattern
  63. Christmas Ornaments: Tree, Reindeer
  64. Furry Fairies
  65. Christmas Ball – Star of Bethlehem
  66. Christmas Wine Bottle Sweaters and Hats
  67. Christmas Is Coming Throw
  68. Trio of Party Trees
  69. Christmas Sweater Hanging Ornament
  70. Christmas Wreath Pillow
  71. Christmas Crib – Pesebre de Navidad
  72. Noel Knit Sweater Ornaments
  73. Christmas Bell
  74. Christmas Pickle Ornament Pattern
  75. Christmas Star – Tree Decoration
  76. Santa Gnome Ornaments
  77. Christmas Tea Cosy
  78. Holiday Party Sweater
  79. Christmas Pudding, Snowman and Santa Chocolate Ferrero Rocher Cosy
  80. Baby Candy Cane Stocking Cap
  81. Christmas Postcards
  82. Christmas Pillow
  83. Christmas Tree Cards
  84. Knit Reindeer Beanie
  85. Christmas Dollies
  86. Little Miss Claus Costume
  87. Christmas Booties
  88. Ho, Ho, Santa Pillow
  89. Christmas Tree Minions
  90. DIY Advent Wreath
  91. Christmas Toadstools
  92. Baby Christmas Bib with Crochet Edging
  93. Christmas Lantern/ Candle Cozy
  94. Three Wise Snowmen Ornaments
  95. Christmas Tree Quilt
  96. Knitting Angel
  97. Wrist Warmers for Christmas
  98. Great Bags for Giving
  99. Christmas Candy Hat
  100. Christmas Tree Decoration
  101. Knitted and Felted Christmas Basket
  102. Lacy Christmas Bookmarks
  103. Socks with Snowman Pattern
  104. Poinsettia Wreath
  105. Bookmark for Christmas
  106. Wreath Table Trimmings
  107. Christmas Gift Beanies
  108. Santa’s Baby Blankie

Please note: Each link points you to the page where you can access the free knitting pattern; all these have been checked so as to ensure they are totally free of charge at the time of publishing. Some websites might require that you register with them before being able to access the pattern, but this is also free.

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    • Thanks for pointing this out and apologies! Sometimes the patterns we list are changes by their owners from free to paid, without notification. We will remove and replace the pattern.

  3. My son wants me to knit him a dachshund golf head cover but have only found one where it is knitted for you at a ridiculous price…any ideas please, have searched high and low

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