Knitting Stitches That You’ll Surely Love

Knitting is a craft that has been practiced for over thousands and thousands of years now. How this skill was learnt as well as its original country of origin still remains a mystery. But what we know for sure is that crafts of these kinds are very well established up to today and has been the pastime of many women all over the world.

Knitting is done by a stitch or a combination of knitting stitches that are pulled tightly together. There are hundreds of known knitting stitches that are widely practiced depending on its use and on the type of garment that you want to knit. They are categorized depending on the knitter’s level of expertise. And each knitting stitch is most of the times used for a specific design or pattern that would normally require such technique.

The basics of knitting would require your ability to pull off a basic knit and a purl. Assuming that you have mastered both, you can now readily proceed with fancy knitting stitches to make your end result more attractive.

Stockinet Stitch

This maybe one of the easiest and the most versatile of all knitting stitches being practiced, but unfortunately it doesn’t get as much credits compared to its more famous counterparts. It is considered as a classic for its elegant and classy finish. In fact, at the advent of other more complex patterns, a lot of knitters would still prefer stockinet due to its neat results.

Checkerboard Stitch

Just as it name states; this type of stitch resembles that of a checkerboard. A contrast of two-toned color not necessarily black and white inspires this type of stitching pattern. It is just like stranded knitting where in you leave the yarn that you are not working with while knitting the other. Once done with one color, you then pick it up and start working on it this time. The end result is pretty thick due to the layers of strands running back and forth on its back, thus making it a good coaster or hot pad.

These are only two of the innumerable knitting stitches that are readily available to anyone. If you are interested to expand you level of expertise then it will be best to bank on these stitches because it will not only make your garments gorgeous but it can also enhance your ability to knit.

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