How To Count Stitches and Rows in Knitting

Counting by fives is absolutely the fastest way to count stitches in knitting!

Think learning to count is just for kids?

Not if you want to knit faster!

Many tricks that help you speed up your progress on a project don’t have to do with changing how you knit at all. We all (hopefully) follow patterns and track our progress by counting stitches and rows.

One of the quickest fixes to a slow-moving project is learning a few ways to count faster. Count stitches by fives for example, speeds up knitting.

Changing how you count takes practice, but this video contains a scientific secret that will give you the motivation and encouragement to try this new way.

This video tutorial was created and is brought to you by Liat Gat, the web’s premier knitting instructor, who is also the creator of the most comprehesive video knitting course around: Become a Knitting Superstar.

For a more in-depth, and also more recent, explanation check out our guide on how to count rows in knitting; we have recently published that post, which includes also a video tutorial exclusive to, showing you clearly how to count rows and stitches.

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