A Guide To Interpreting Knitting Abbreviations

Learning the intricate art of knitting is actually quite simple, especially if you have a comprehensive guide handy complete with detailed illustrations. However, a number of beginners usually complain about the annoying frustration of having to muddle you way through figuring out the knitting abbreviations that one encounters along the way. Its one thing deciphering all those seemingly complex patterns and interpreting all those ambiguous knitting abbreviations can turn out to be more difficult that the methods itself. No, it is not some secret code that only the enlightened ones can crack, but it is shortened instructions for the particular pattern that you will be working on. And since most of the available patterns today are heavily littered with knitting abbreviations, it’s best to take time and understand the meaning behind the codes. So here are some basic translations that would come significantly helpful for any budding knitter:

CO basically means cast on and is usually found at the very foundation of your project. This indicates the number of you will be required to make in order to complete the project. K, is the symbol for knit, which is one of the most basic type of stitches and more often than not all patterns for beginners are most likely to require knits or otherwise known as the garter stitch. P stands for purl stitch, another type of stitch that can be essentially considered to be the opposite of knitting stitches, and is also popularly known as the stockinette stitch. RS refers to the ‘right side” or the front of the fabric used in your project and the WS, of course means the “wrong side” or the back part of the cloth that you are working on. You may not be able to encounter the symbol BO too often, but just in case you do, it means to remove the needles from the project once you are finished with the last stitch.

As you might have gathered, the meanings behind the seemingly confusing knitting abbreviation have turned out to be quite simple and easy to interpret. Taking time to know the correct definitions can the possibility of tearing your hair apart from sheer frustration or possibly discontinuing the project altogether. It is also important to be able to accurately interpret the said knitting abbreviations as this can significantly affect the result of the finish product.

Knitting has always been and enduring art and has never been truly out of the fashion scene all throughout the years. So if you are looking for a fulfilling hobby, this particular craft presents a wonderful choice, not just for women but even for men as well.

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