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Beginner Knitting Classes

  • My First Sweater
  • Description: Join inviting instructor Amy Ross, and turn her easy-to-follow sweater pattern into a gorgeous garment. Using this versatile pattern, Amy will help you knit a raglan pullover or any of three variations on a cardigan that gradually progress in skill level
  • Knit Lab: Projects, Patterns & Techniques
  • Description: This empowering class begins with essential lessons for new knitters: choosing supplies, casting on, knitting, purling and binding off. Learn how to increase, decrease, make a buttonhole, knit lace, block, seam and read patterns. Stefanie shares her "pur
  • Finishing Made Easy: The Beginner's Guide
  • Description: Set all your future projects up for finishing success! Join instructor Chris Bylsma as she guides you step by step through the basic skills you'll use again and again. During class, you'll learn to work three basic but sturdy seams: vertical, horizontal
  • My First Socks
  • Description: Learn how to knit socks with designer and author Lucy Neatby. Find out how to cast on with perfect tension. Knit in the round using your favorite method and choose one of four style variations for your ribbed cuff. Work your sock leg in stockinette with
  • Learn to Knit: My First Hat
  • Description: Are you ready to step out of the world of flat knits and into a new, circular frontier of possibility? Circular knitting doesn’t have to be scary. With the right step-by-step guidance you’ll be knitting in the round with confidence and ease so
  • Learn to Knit: Essential Skills for Beginning Knitters
  • Description: Round out your knitting repertoire with skills and stitches that set you up for success with more intermediate projects! Join instructor and designer Caddy Melville Ledbetter and build the bridge that will take you beyond beginner knitting. This class is
  • Learn to Knit: My First Scarf
  • Description: Have you been looking for the right chance to pick up those needles? Join instructor and designer Caddy Melville Ledbetter to start your knitting journey with support and success! During class, you'll get acquainted with the basics of knitting, and learn
  • Essential Skills for Sweater Knitting
  • Description: Find the sweater pattern that's right for you and follow it accurately to knit a piece that makes you proud. Join instructor and designer Anne Hanson and learn fundamental techniques and tips for perfect handknit sweaters. During class, Anne will set you
  • Know Your Yarn: Choose the Perfect Yarn Every Time
  • Description: Join acclaimed author Clara Parkes for comprehensive guidance on identifying and choosing the yarn you need for the project you want! Find out the meaning of fiber terms such as staple, crimp, luster and micron. Then, discover the benefits and challenges
  • My First Infinity Scarf
  • Description: Improve your circular knitting and create a stunning infinity scarf! Join instructor and designer Vicki Square and begin class with a review of basic knitting methods in both English and Continental styles. Then, Vicki will show you the versatile Channel
  • My First Lace Shawl
  • Description: Even if you're a beginner, you can learn how to knit a shawl featuring lovely lace. Join instructor Anna Dalvi in her online Craftsy class to knit the ethereal Waterspout shawl and conquer lace knitting techniques along the way! During class, Anna will g
  • Knitting on the Bias
  • Description: Want to conquer a versatile method that will set your projects apart from the crowd? Join popular designer Bristol Ivy and discover bias knitting: a simple style that uses increases and decreases to create a new style of diagonal shaping complete with in

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